Check out the WhatUsersDo platform’s Autumn/Winter 2017 look We (cat)walk you through the latest updates to the WhatUsersDo platform UI

Fashion show models on catwalk

Late summer (or early autumn, depending on whether you’re a glass half empty or half full kind of a person), brings with it a swirl of new visual inspiration.

By the time you get to early October, you’ve already had the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, 100% Design, London Design Festival, and the Paris & Helsinki Design Weeks.

While we could claim that all of this has inspired us in our very own WhatUsersDo Design Festival, the decidedly less fabulous truth is that we’ve been working towards an update to key areas of our UI for a while, and now that we’ve made a few tweaks in the background to make it all possible, we’re delighted to unveil some big changes this October.

I want to say a big thank you to our lovely clients who have helped me through various versions of these changes – we couldn’t have done it without you, and sorry if you’ve had to plan an extra trip or two to the dentist due to the amount of sugar provided in our feedback sessions. Caffeine or chocolate next time? 😋


Call Test Control, we’ve got ticks! (And dropdowns, and radio buttons…)

For our Project & Unlimited plan clients, the Tests area (where you can view all of your draft, live, complete, repeating and scheduled tests) has received the biggest makeover.

Old WhatUsersDo test area screenshot

Old Tests area


New WhatUsersDo Tests area screenshot

New Tests area

We’ve added filters to the Tests area to allow you to manage and work with any type of test from a single place. We’ll even remember the filters you set (until you tell us to change them) so you can tailor this to your workflow – meaning that whether you only want to view tests that have been launched, or if you prefer to see all your tests in an infinite-scroll stylee, you can now set it and forget it.

We’ve also added in some extra functionality for Repeating and Scheduled tests. You can now edit and save changes to them before the next launch date, as well as edit the launch schedule from the same page if you need to.

Oh, and did you spot that Delete button? We’ve all done it, launched a test only to realise that we’ve put the wrong URL into it or something. If this does happen you can now delete the test, this will hide it from the main view, and help keep things all neat and tidy.

We’re still working on the update to this area for our Research clients. If you’d like to help, why not become a WhatUsersDo Insider and I’ll be in touch to tell you more!

Projects Run-away

Whatever happened to Projects (the function that allows you to group tests and view their results as a whole) I hear you ask? Well it hasn’t gone, we’ve just split it out from the Tests view for now – until we talk to you guys more to work out how this feature could change for the future.

A live channel for your Private Panels

Do you currently have any Private Panels with us? You know, where you bring your own users to us to test with? (If not, why not? 😉)

We’ve created a new area where you can view the live status of any active panel whenever you like.

Want to know how many of your users have started the application process to join your panel? Go here. Want to know how many people are currently available to complete a test for you? Go here. We’ll show you every user we know about and what their current status is. 

This is updated live, so as soon as we (our more accurately our database) knows about a change so will you. You can also see a list of all the tests that have been launched using the Private Panel in the Tests tab.


New Private Panel management screen
We think this will help you decide when to send out more invites to join your panels, when to chase those users who have started the process, etc.

In short, we think this will make the process much easier and more transparent for you.

We did some admin in the Admin area

We’ve also made some changes to the Admin area. If you’re the account owner or an admin on your WhatUsersDo account, this is where you can see your invoices and invite other people to join your account.

There’s no ‘u(ser)’ in team

The Users area has now been renamed Team. From here you can invite anyone with an email address to join your account or tell us whether or not they should have admin privileges, as well as manage and view your current team members.


WhatUsersDo Team management page screenshot

Your choice of invoice

The invoices area will now give you a link to your invoices so that you can view them online, download them as a PDF or CSV or if it’s an invoice that you’ve asked us to setup for immediate card payment even pay it online.

For the more technically inclined out there, you’ll have spotted that we’re working towards splitting our frontend and backend via micro-services. We think this will give us the ability to be more flexible in the future, given that technologies and techniques change so frequently these days (in fact there’s probably been a new frontend framework released whilst I’ve been typing this), as well as to allow for future scalability.

Have your say—become a WhatUsersDo Insider

Phew! Well, that was quite an update, but we’ve got even more coming in the next few months so now is a great time to get involved. Become a part of our WhatUsersDo Insider beta group and you’ll be one of the first we contact for feedback, ideas and testing (yes, we do UX test our own stuff 😃).

If you’ve got any questions about this update please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Head of Product at WhatUsersDo. I’m into creativity, art, food, fashion & anyone interesting.

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