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1. Get on-demand videos of your customers using your website or app and speaking their thoughts

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2. Identify bugs and conversion killers on your key customer journeys

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3. Use these insights to improve customer experience and grow, optimise and scale your business

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The WhatUsersDo platform makes looking through the videos and analysing them simple. It’s easy to make UX testing via the platform a part of our whole process.

Andy Curry

Andy Curry, Head of UX and Design, Branded3


Lost My Name

WhatUsersDo has allowed us to quickly obtain feedback directly from users in different markets and with different backgrounds, as early as the prototyping stage.

Tom Waterfall, Head of CRO, Lost My Name


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In terms of utility it’s priceless.

It means I can talk to customers without having to leave my desk, and you can get feedback straightaway.

Matt Curry, Head of eCommerce, Lovehoney


Test with your customers in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Netherlands and beyond

Choose from our audience of over 30,000 people, or use your own

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