WhatUsersDo joins the UserZoom family

You’d better sit down because I have some very exciting news to deliver. WhatUsersDo is joining a bigger family!

Yes, the plucky remote UX testing company you’ve come to know and love (*ahem* yes, us) has been welcomed into the arms of the global UX research platform, UserZoom.

This is a huge milestone for WhatUsersDo and we’re super chuffed to be able to step up our UX game and reach a wider international audience.

For now it’s business as usual. Both the platform and this blog to be in full-steam ahead mode, giving you all the help, research and good honest insight that you’ve come to expect.

We’ll still be offering the same qualitative user insights you’ve always enjoyed via our platform, while also exploring the broader range of multi-method research capabilities on offer through UserZoom in future.

Here’s Nick Imrie, WhatUsersDo CEO, with the official word:

WhatUsersDo and UserZoom have a shared vision to bring comprehensive UX insights to innovative organisations like yours the world over, and I wholeheartedly believe that our combined offering will represent a big step forward for your usability needs by giving you even more ways in which to understand your customers in future.

And here’s Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO and Co-Founder of UserZoom, with a little background on the company, and what our clients can expect from the alliance:

With our research software and services, UserZoom helps businesses get the insights they need to deliver great user experiences. We have our headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in the UK and Spain, and we work for the best brands in the world, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Telefonica, ING, UPS, etc.

We are 100% committed to making UXers superheroes in their organizations through our vision of building the most comprehensive UX insights platform in the world. I’m very excited to formally break the news to you that WhatUsersDo has been acquired by UserZoom.

After my conversations with Nick Imrie (WhatUsersDo CEO), it became clear that our businesses were fundamentally aligned and that bringing our companies together was in the best interest of our customers’ high pace usability testing needs.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all our customers, readers and champions who have helped us get to this stage – we couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to continuing to work together in 2018 and beyond!

You can read the official press release here.

Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher is the Content Marketing Manager of WhatUsersDo. He’s also a filmmaker and the editor of wayward pop culture site Methods Unsound. He used to be the deputy editor of Econsultancy and editor of Search Engine Watch.

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