New feature: Test Cloning Blade Runner or Moon? Replicant or Clone? Blade Runner or Moon? Replicant or Clone?

replicant test glitch

The idea for our newest feature came from a conversation I overheard between one of our onboarding services managers and their client. The client wanted their help to create several copies of the same test, where only the website being tested was changing and this got me thinking…

If you were running some A/B style tests or benchmarking tests – or needed to give users individual log-in details to test with – that would require a fair amount of manual effort. You’ve always been able to copy a set of task instructions from a previous test, but what about everything else? Pre-screener questions, user demographics, exit questions – they all matter and take time to set up.

Looking around we found evidence of quite a few clients who had launched orders close together, which seemed very similar – with just something like the user demographics or the testing target changing.

The "clone" button will be next to your previously launched tests


The lightbulb went on, various films started playing through my brain. Now I know cloning is a touchy subject – should vs can / good vs evil (certainly in films anyway) — but we don’t deal in genetics, we’re all about user experience testing, so I thought we’d be safe enough. Also we’d just have to make sure that we were more Sean Young’s Rachael than Rutger Hauer’s Roy (although, personally, Pris scared the pants off me… much more than Roy ever did).

We started talking to more customers – most could think of a time recently where this would have come in handy for them, so we moved it up the list and here it is.

Now, after you’ve launched a test (or have it saved in drafts), simply find it, clone it, tweak it, launch it – done! Time saved – check. Effort saved – check. On to the next thing…

Can you keep a secret? No? Well that’s OK, we’d still be interested in talking to you!

If you’d like to talk to us about this sort of feature development, we’re putting together a beta group to help us. If you’d like to become an Insider, just get in touch with me and I’ll sort this out.

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