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Highlights from our AMA with Lee Duddell, UX Director and Founder of WhatUsersDo

Last week, on our UX community Slack channel, we hosted a live AMA session with Lee Duddell, our illustrious UX Director...

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When is it best to use in-person or remote user testing? [#uxchat roundup] Why use remote UX testing [#uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed one of the most frequently talked about topics in UX: User Experience Testing. My...

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Discovery Phases in UX [#uxchat roundup] How important are discovery phases in UX? [#uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed discovery phases in UX.  Are they given enough credence? We ran a Twitter poll...

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How UXers adapt to shifting UI [a #uxchat roundup] How are interfaces changing? How can UXers make use of these changes to improve UX? [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed how UX practitioners adapt to shifting UI. There was plenty of room for debate...

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UX Disciplines: Should UXers be expected to perform research and design (or even code?) [a #uxchat roundup] Should UXers broaden their skill sets or specialise? [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed UX disciplines. Many good points were raised, mulled over, and then picked apart, particularly with the question about whether UXers should be expected to perform both research and design (and code, even.) Here are the talking points:

UX from a Developer’s Perspective [a #uxchat roundup] What UX is from a Developer's Perspective [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed UX from a Developer’s perspective. Our talking points: What is a user-centred developer and...

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Machine Learning to Rethink the Human Experience [a #uxchat roundup] When does Machine Learning bring value to UX? [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed machine learning and how it can help improve user experience. Here’s the roundup of last...

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The Top UX Trends for Ecommerce in 2017 so far

Inviting customers to your ecommerce site and giving them the best experience possible means more sales and a loyal customer...

Paths to UX careers

Paths to UX Careers [a #uxchat roundup] Paths to UX Careers [a #uxchat roundup] with Sherryl Tarnaske

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed the paths to UX careers. Often, UX practitioners begin their journeys in completely different...

Website Redesign Lipstick on a pig

Enemies of UX and how to kill them: #4 Website redesign

Bio A website redesign is the solution to every problem… or is that the problem to every solution? Are conversions...