The lowdown on social media user experience [WhatMarketersDo Podcast] With OJ Quevedo, WhatUsersDo Social Media Manager

Host: Timi “Big Papa Timi” Olotu (Content)
Guest: OJ “Reverse Jo” Quevedo (Social Media)
Co-host: Chris “Hotlon Bling” Holton (Growth Marketing)

Brands tripping over themselves by trying to sell while seeming cool is pretty common on social media – remember Cheerios’ attempt at product placement after Prince died?

How do we make the business of social media feel more… well, social? It starts with a thorough understanding of the experiences users expect from different platforms.

We got OJ Quevedo, the man behind all the WhatUsersDo social media profiles – yes, ALL of them – to share his views and experiences.

OJ also used to run his own retail business and social media played a huge role in his approach. In this podcast, he explains how the different platforms work, what users expect from each and how businesses can take advantage.

He also recommends this Nielsen Norman Group report on social media user experience, as a great resource for anyone looking to understand how these 2 niche fields work together.

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Timi is a London-based copywriter and full-time marketing sceptic – there are now more unvalidated opinions out there than ever.

He became a UX testing enthusiast after seeing its power while working at TUI – the world’s largest travel, leisure and tourism company. He then joined WhatUsersDo to sharpen his UX knowledge and work side-by-side with the field’s best and brightest.

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