New feature: get users in your target market

Now you can get feedback from people in your target market with WhatUsersDo and make your usability test results even more relevant.

In addition to filtering by age and gender you can set a qualifying question (or screener) that users must answer before they start your tasks. And only users who choose answers that match your target market will be selected.

For example, if Sky wanted to test their website with only Virgin Media or BT Vision customers they could setup a question like this:

How to filter the WhatUsersDo panel

… users would be shown a multiple choice question before seeing the task instructions and only those who answered Virgin Media or BT Vision would be included.

It’s really quick to setup your own pre-qualifying question on the order form.

Please contact us with any feedback or just leave a comment below as we’d love to know what you think.

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  • Great feature, could allow much more effective targeting. One question though: what’s to stop your users ‘playing the system’, ie realising they’ve not been selected then coming back with the ‘right’ answer?

  • whatusersdo
    8 years ago

    Dan – good point. The system ensures users get only one opportunity to answer the question, so that it can’t be gamed.

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