Looking for a developer – is it you?

UPDATE: We have now filled this position.

WhatUsersDo are looking for a Developer who is comfortable programming in both a “back-end” LAMP environment as well as crafting UI code from Photoshop mock-ups. We are looking for a bit of enthusiasm and a bit of passion and we can guarantee you will be working with like-minded people. We also want a problem solver who is looking for a bit of flexibility in their role (we don’t think we know it all – but we are looking forward to learning a lot on the way).

You will work in a small dynamic team that’s focussed on delivering the best possible service for our clients by implementing exciting new features as well as optimising current systems and processes – if the company is going to work we need to make sure our User Experience is the best we can make it.

You will have the following:
– at least 2 years commercial web development experience
– hands on experience of the LAMP stack
– the ability to construct compliant CSS and HTML (from scratch)
– experience of Javascript to improve the user experience of a web application or site
– ambition

Ideally you will have some experience of Ajax and an understanding of how cloud computing can help growing businesses scale.

Why Us?
Millions of websites don’t work for the user (they really don’t!). Users find them frustrating and often muddle through. Our service gives clients (big or small) the user experience insights to do something about it. We hope that like us –  you feel that “websites should work” and telling clients “what users do” on them and “why they do it” might just make all the difference.

Why us? (the more factual & slightly dull version)
WhatUsersDo (who will be based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne from September) is Europe’s leading online remote user experience testing & insights service. It was set up so anyone, in any size or type of organisation, can observe real people using websites quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It works by remotely recording, over the internet, users’ voices and screen sessions as they complete tasks, carried out in their natural surroundings on their own computers. Clients order online at www.whatusersdo.com and results are back within 12 hours – in video format showing what a user did and audio of their commentary and opinions. Pricing is £30-£70 per video with many of its mid to large clients (BT, TUI, Comet, DRL Ltd) testing on a monthly contracted basis with Enterprise discounts and advance features and functionality.

Email: lee [at] whatusersdo dot com
T: 0845 302 4783

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