How can brands improve their user experience?

As part of The Drum’s UX Guide, published on 26 October, they spoke to a collection of the UK’s leading user experience practitioners including our head of UX, asking them to give their take on the latest issues and trends within the UX sector.

How can brands improve their user experience? The Drum asks Border

User experience is rapidly becoming more of a key consideration for brands as they seek to provide enjoyable platforms for consumers to engage with. But what are the big issues currently facing companies looking to improve their user experience?

Lee Duddell, founder and head of UX, whatusersdo: Yes, clients are increasingly recognising how improving UX impacts the bottom-line not only in terms of increased revenue but also through reduced costs and improved customer loyalty.

As a result of this enlightenment, our clients are now embedding UX testing as part of a user-centred approach. The influence of the HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is diminishing as clients increasingly focus on the experience of real users.

Candy Diemer, design team lead, Technophobia: In some companies, there’s still a mistaken expectation that UX can deliver quick fixes. UX needs to take into consideration more than just a website or an app – it is the alignment of the all the business’s strategies. The customer does not experience your brand based on your business structure, so segmenting marketing and business products into screen real estate does not effectively integrate the business objectives into the UX.

Michael Naman, head of creative technology, Weapon7: We’ve found that brands understand user experience but have not necessarily embraced it. In order to really maximise the UX they need to be able to iterate quickly, get to a MVP (minimum viable product) and test to see how it performs. This is difficult as brands like to know exactly what they are getting and how much it is going to cost. By the time the project is signed off the UX is set in stone and is difficult to tailor to the user as it unfolds. It takes a lot of confidence for a brand to undertake a project with no clearly defined outcome.

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