User Experience Insights – Case Study 2013 Propellernet

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Propellernet is a search marketing and social media agency, with additional expertise in content marketing and conversion optimisation. They help their clients to become genuine authorities in their chosen markets, generating brand awareness and driving revenue and profits. Propellernet specialise in travel, retail, fashion, finance and B2B but have also helped ambitious clients in other markets.


Propellernet use research & optimisation tools to capture high volumes of data to improve conversions. They were seeking a more user centric research tool to accentuate other data and provide a a richer and more granular picture.

• High volumes of data can indicate patterns of activity – how to get it?

• Although usability is important, the agencies initial priority was to capture feedback from actual users in a first impression form for their client to then make informed decisions about changes.


Propellernet selected WhatUserDo because it gave them immediate access to a large global panel which was a prerequisite for selecting a service.

• Numerous testing projects on a variety of brand websites in their key sectors.

• Propellernet used first impression testing (exploring user opinion on what they are seeing & what else they would like to see) as a key component of the testing projects.

• The resulting user feedback was then combined with data from SEO and other optimization tools.


Clients were genuinely surprised at how useful it was to actually watch their customers to complete tasks:

• Following the initial round of 1st impression tests, the Agency has promoted regular testing on their clients sites as best practice.

• Propellernet now consider the data gained from remote user experience testing as a valuable addition to their data driven recommendations / approach to work.

“The video’s we received from WhatUsersDo crystallised fact in a visual way. There is nothing quite like sitting with a client and watching users in their target demographic struggling to fill their “baskets” for instance. Nothing really compares to that and they are genuinely surprised at how useful it is!”

Tim O’Donoghue, Head of Conversion, Propellernet T: +44 (020) 7036 1950

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