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Flashback Friday (Nov 23-27): Best Articles This Week

Mobile Usability Report stats

5 Mobile Conversion Killers That Must Be Stopped!

The latest WhatUsersDo and Practicology Mobile Usability Report highlights why retail sites lose SmartPhone customers. I’ve selected five mobile conversion...

5 UX Tests Marketers Should Try Right Now

5 UX Tests Marketers Need to Try Right Now

If you’re anything like me, UX testing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about improving...

Customer Reviews

How Leading Brands Are Increasing Sales by 18% with Customer Reviews

With over £23bn of UK consumer spending now being influenced by customer reviews, a good customer review strategy has become a no-brainer for Ecommerce sites. However, simply implementing customer reviews is no longer enough—leading brands are taking customer reviews to the next level to drive higher sales and business improvement.


5 things multi-channel retailers can learn from Schuh

Schuh's Deputy Head of E-commerce shared some of the secrets of their multi-channel success in a recent Webinar. In this...


How to deliver an outstanding digital experience in 2016

Peter W. Szabo, Head of UX, argues that many digital experiences (even in 2015) are "terrible" and suggests how to...

UK Political Leaders

How UK Party Websites Are Letting Down Voters

The websites of the UK's political parties appear more focused on gathering data from visitors than clearly explaining policies. "I'm...

LD Top Tips

10 UX Testing Tips

In his April 2015 talk at NUX Newcastle Lee Duddell (WhatUsersDo’s Founder & UX Director) shared 10 Remote UX Testing...


12 UX Sins to Avoid

In his talk at London’s Agile UX Meetup, Peter W. Szabo covered 12 UX Sins that must be avoided. Drawing...

Digital Experience Index Charts

Infographic: The Digital Experience of 10 UK Banks

This infographic highlights the main findings from a 100-user study into the digital experience that UK banks offer their online...