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Why you should join the 3,000 other digital professionals who rely on our UX Testing platform

1. Because you want to replace instinct with real user insight

Meaning you'll make better decisions, can counter your HiPPOs and delight your customers.

The WhatUsersDo platform provides customer insight into the real digital experiences of real people. For our 3,000+ customers, it's now a key part of their business process and is for digital professionals who want to:

  • increase the certainty and reduce the risk of making significant changes
  • improve User Experience (thus increasing conversions, satisfaction, loyalty and engagement).

  • act upon robust actionable insight that ensures more than instinct-based or solely analytics decision-making. 

  • answer those burning business questions with "why users do that"...

  • maximise the value of your digital channels and deliver more to your organisation. 


2. Because you want expert support

A wealth of UX experience to deliver results across your user research projects.

Lee Duddell
Founder of WhatUsersDo
Team_Andrea Image
Andrea Farnsworth
Senior UX Researcher
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Morag McLaren
Head of Product

3. Because you want immediate online access to your customers

It’s all about the people. Real user, real insight.

Select from our international panel including UK, US, Germany, France, and The Netherlands or recruit on-demand using third party panels. You can even invite your own customer base (with our Private Panel feature).