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Unlimited UX Testing

Videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app

Videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app.

In their own homes.

On their own computers or mobile devices.

Find out why they buy and why they leave

In 3 simple online steps

1. Set tasks

Decide what you want to test (e.g. website, prototype, app) and set tasks for users to complete.

2. Select users

Select your test participants (or 'users') according to your chosen criteria - age, gender, device etc. *

3. View results

Watch video recordings of users completing your tasks - see what they do and hear what they say!

Private Panel

* Want to invite your own customers? Try our Private Panel service.

Discover the power of UX testing with a 7-day trial of WhatUsersDo

Discover the power of UX testing with a 7-day trial of WhatUsersDo


Make a big step towards understanding your customers with a full-featured free trial of our UX testing and analysis platform

Increase sales, attract more customers and build brand loyalty...



AO.com Online sales up 9.5%


Lovehoney AOV up by 12%


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“I wanted to introduce User Centred Design but I had to get the business bought into it. So I did this by buying videos from WhatUsersDo... and it actually gave our customers a voice which went directly to the managers."

Matthew Lawson, UX Manager, AO.com

"A quick, easy & cost-effective way to get immediate, quality feedback on problems your customers are facing today."

Stuart Findlay, Digital Marketing, Schuh

What does the "inventor" of Usability Testing think?

"WhatUsersDo provides nearly instant access to real users, and usability test recordings that show real behavior, including the good, the bad, and the ugly that you need to change right now. (Then run a new test tomorrow to see whether the fix worked.)

Their large user panel can help you gain insights incredibly quickly about users around the world.”

Dr Jakob Nielsen, NN/g

Why do it?

Successful companies like Amazon, eBay and Google spend millions of dollars each year ensuring their websites and applications are intuitive and easy for their customers to use. They continuously test every aspect of their business with real customers to create a better "user experience". They know that a great user experience builds brand loyalty, attracts more customers and generates more sales. A bad user experience means customers leave your website and don't come back.

How does user experience testing work?

User Experience (UX) Testing allows you to see your website from your users' perspective. You can find out what works well (so you can do it more) and you can find out what isn't working AND WHY ? then fix it.

You can test almost any aspect of your website, application or online marketing and find out how to improve performance, increase conversion rates and achieve better results. Simply set tasks for users to carry out on your website then watch and listen to recordings of everything they do and say. There's no software to download or new technology to learn. You can start a test in under 5 minutes and see the results within hours.

What can I discover?

  • What do visitors think of my website?
  • Why do my customers abandon their carts?
  • Are my products hard to find?
  • Can I make taking payment easier?
  • Is my business proposition clear?
  • Does my site search work as well as it should?
  • How can I improve customer communications?
  • Why does no-one click on my promotions?
  • Is my booking system easy to use?
  • What's the response to my new design?
  • Can users find the information they need?
  • How do I compare to my competitors?

WhatUsersDo makes usability testing fast, easy and inexpensive. For everyone.

Panel_User Testing

We use social media, crowdsourcing and smart technology to dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of traditional user testing.

No need to recruit test participants.

No need to plan weeks in advance, book a lab or invest in software.

No need to get everyone together at the same place at the same time.

WhatUsersDo makes user experience testing fast, easy and inexpensive. For everyone.

You can run as many tests as you want, anytime you want. You can pay as you go or buy a pack depending on your needs. You have complete control over how much you spend and how often. No software to download and no steep learning curve.

Just great results. Guaranteed.

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Get started with UX testing now

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