Plan Types

Able to set up a UX test in your sleep, or just want to get up-and-running quickly and easily with our platform? Then our Unlimited Testing service is for you.

Want our in-house team of UX Researchers and Planners to execute the perfect project? We've got you covered with our Research solution.

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Unlimited Testing

Design, launch and analyse tests yourself using our platform

Research Service

Let our team of UX experts do the heavy lifting

Who is Unlimited Testing for?

Unlimited Testing is for digital professionals who have the capacity to design and analyse their own UX Tests using our platform - about one working day for each five-user test. It's great for identifying the main reasons why customers leave your website or app.

Who is Research testing for?

Our Research plans are for digital teams who want to understand customers and drive conversions across any digital touchpoint. By relying on WhatUsersDo UX Researchers to design, run and analyse UX Tests it's great for:

  • Gathering insight at a scale, frequency and speed that's not limited by internal capacity
  • Understanding customers and improving conversions anywhere in the digital journey including search, social, email, landing pages, competitor sites and more
  • Recruiting your own customers to participate in one-off tests or Diary Studies
  • Influencing colleagues because independent experts present results.
  • Unmoderated Remote Testing
  • Moderated Remote Testing
  • Lab Testing


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Unlimited Testing

Research Service

Solutions FAQs

Who is on your Panel?

We have over 30,000 active Panel Members across UK, USA, France, Germany and Netherlands.

They only get a few tests each month to prevent them becoming "professional testers".

We reward them for each test they take and that's included in the price.

How can I get the right people to test?

On the Unlimited Testing plan you can profile users online by Age, Gender, Device Type (iOS or Android), Socio-economic Group and by asking them an online screener question.

On the Research Plan our Panel team can profile your participants at a much more granular level.

Recent requests include:

"People who play Poker for money online at least once a week"

"UK and US Mothers of babies who are bottle feeding"

"Home insurance policy holders who are thinking of renewing"


Can I bring my own users?

Yes. With the Research and Unlimited Testing plans you can invite your own customers or recruit from a panel company.

How do you work with Agencies?

We have many Agency clients who use WhatUsersDo on either a project basis (usually for a new build) or ongoing (where they are optimising for their clients). Learn about how we work with Agencies.

Do I need to install anything on my site or App?

No. Panelists have all installed a screen recorder that captures their screens and spoken thoughts into an online video - they're ready when you are!

How long does it take to get videos?

You'll usually start getting videos back in a few hours.

On the Unlimited Testing plan, we recommend you allow about an hour to watch and analyse each video. We'll do that for you on the Research Service Plan.

All prices are net of VAT (where applicable).

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