What can I UX Test?




It's a no-brainer that you would want to test your live website or app with target customers. After all, identifying and eradicating points of friction is one of the best ways to increase conversions.

But that is only the beginning of truly understanding your users and maximising ROI from UX Testing.

Here are the ten most popular tests our clients run.




1. Design

Make better design decisions by testing early in the lifecycle, de-risking launch and reducing the cost of change. Test wireframes, flat images and prototypes.
Reevoo Prototype Case Study >>

2. Competitor

Benchmark versus competitors. Learn from their positives, avoid their negatives by seeing them through your customers' eyes.

3. A/B Testing

Supercharge your Maxymiser or Optimizely experiments—base hypotheses on user insight and fix real, not perceived, problems.
A/B Testing Best Practice >>

4. Search

Understand the full online user journey from search to maximise SEO, PPC and Landing Page performance.
Download a sample How Users Search report >>

5. Email

Create compelling emails with frictionless user journeys that convert.
Find out about Email UX Testing and more test types for Marketers >>

6. Menus

Have users, not internal staff, determine the most efficient and understandable menu structure.

7. Content

Find out how to make your marketing content, whatever the media,  more compelling from the people that "consume" it.
Shearings Case Study >>

8. Abandonment

Stop relying solely on Basket Recovery emails - identify and fix the micro-conversion issues that cause users to abandon baskets.
How to run a Basket Abandonment Audit >>

9. International

Test with overseas customers in their own language (that we translate for you).
Hoteling.com International Testing Case Study >>

10. Retention

Run online CX tests with your own customers to identify why they might leave, and what makes them loyal.
British Gas Case Study >>

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