3 usability tests you should run this week

Usability Testing isn’t just for live websites – use it to improve emails, design usable navigation and truly understand online Customer Experience.

1. Email Campaigns

Email Campaign Testing is becoming popular with marketeers who want user insight to drive improvements to their email campaigns by:

  • helping them understand how different segments react to subject lines and body content
  • ensuring the user journey from email to web is frictionless, consistent and persuasive
  • providing assurance that embarrassing “gotchas” are covered, such as contradictory pricing on email and web.

2. Menu Improvement

An increasing number of our clients (especially those in e-commerce) are running “card sort” and “tree tests” to drive improvements to their website menus. These two simple techniques provide rich user insight into which menu labels, hierarchies and categories make sense to real people (and which are too internal facing). Needing no development resource to run they are great way to test your hypotheses.

3. Online Customer Experience

One type of Customer Experience test that’s becoming popular, especially for utilities, is where users provide undirected feedback on their login area (e.g. where they check and pay their bills or get help).

Typically there is no specific task for users only to “do what you usually do in your online account and give feedback as you do so”.

These types of tests are popular with Customer Service and CX professionals because they:

- highlight issues likely to affect retention rates

- reveal where direct contact can be “deflected” [from expensive call centres]

- can be run with competitors’ customers to identify their weaknesses.

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