Reevoo User Testing Case Study

Reevoo - Prototype Testing

About Reevoo

Conversations about your brand are already taking place, shaping consumer opinions. Reevoo enables you to drive those conversations so you can attract, engage and retain more customers. Their social business suite provides reviews, recommendations and solutions that have an immediate impact and turn feedback into insights that can guide business. Founded in 2005, Reevoo has pioneered a unique social business model that continues to deliver far better results than the industry standard for brands.

“For years we recruited test candidates and brought them into our office for an hour-long one-on-one usability study. We were planning to build our own lab. Two years ago we started experimenting with online panels and we have now completely switched to WhatUsersDo. We have gained more reliable data because of users performing tasks in their natural habitat and the ability to better screen candidates for certain characteristics".

Edwin Bos, VP Consumer at Reevoo

Overview: Problem

Reevoo were testing a prototype of an experimental site to see if users understood the value proposition.

  • Quick turnaround times were vital as the groups time together was extremely limited.
  • The team wanted to see first-hand what users thought of the prototype.
  • Qualitative data is required by Reevoo to find users intentions behind quantitative patterns.


Reevoo wanted a representative sample of users and a key requirement were those who would normally read customer reviews.

• Test design particularly creating genuinely realistic scenarios for the user experience testing panel to follow was crucial.

• Considerable revisions of wording & structure of tasks to ensure they were clear but not too instructional (or leading) to the user.


The user video’s validated the concept but also highlighted key areas to improve where mistakes had been made with the execution.

• The insights were used to instruct “creative” to simplify the next version, aligning it better with user needs.

• Reevoo established practice is to run any new projects through WhatUserDo as part of their development process.

“The ease of set-up and the amazing turn-around time were the game-changers to us.”