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Lovehoney threesome: UX testing + A/B testing + TV ads = 115% revenue growth

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About Matt Curry and LoveHoney


Matt Curry is head of eCommerce at Lovehoney – the sexual happiness people™ and the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer.
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Matt Curry, Head of eCommerce, Lovehoney



Revenue increase


Conversion rate increase

Why was Lovehoney testing its website?

Lovehoney has made a habit of testing and optimisation – no one blinks unless they investigate the effect it will have on customers first. 
Leading up to August 2015, the company had invested heavily in TV advertising. However, Matt was concerned that people driven to the mobile site via TV ads might not convert that well. Considering mobile is Lovehoney’s top device – in terms of traffic and revenue – that would’ve been less than ideal.
To help the business get the most bang for its buck, Matt decided to uncover optimisation opportunities by running UX tests.

How did Lovehoney use remote UX testing?

Before the Lovehoney team comes up with optimisation ideas, it runs UX tests to discover what needs improving to begin with. And even if issues are revealed through analytics or conversations with customer services, these are validated with UX tests.
In this instance, tests that were run included competitor benchmarking, full online user journey (from search to purchase) and multi-device. This equipped Matt and his team to uncover issues online customers were facing and why they struggled with these issues. 
The team validated its hypothetical fixes by pitting ideas against each other in A/B and multivariate tests. The solution with the most positive impact on conversion and user experience was then applied fully.
This user is “really, really” annoyed that the postcode finder won’t find his address

Which improvements were achieved?

By targeting areas customers actually struggled with, rather than guessing what to optimise, Lovehoney enjoyed incremental improvements at multiple stages of the customer journey. 

• Conversion rates increased by 24.55%, despite a 60% increase in mobile traffic
• Overall revenue increased by 115.34%

The team also gained insights into customer behaviour that informed their general approach to eCommerce optimisation:
  • The power of urgency – adding a delivery countdown on product pages gave an immediate lift in conversion
  • Product page scrolling – only 18% of visitors scrolled down far enough to read product descriptions, so these pages are being updated
  • Persuasion via “warehousing” – showing products earlier in the user journey so more customers get to see product reviews (of which Lovehoney has over 130,000)
  • Visual immediacy – using photo navigation by default on mobile, rather than hiding everything behind hamburger menus, makes customers’ lives easier
The results of the remote UX tests even helped persuade Matt and his team to overhaul their entire checkout process.

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What does Matt think about remote UX testing?

In terms of utility it’s priceless. It means I can talk to customers without having to leave my desk and you can get feedback straightaway.

Organisations live in isolation and have particular customer touchpoints – like sales, customer services etc. But really, your eCommerce and design teams should be a customer touchpoint too, otherwise they’re working outside the realm of what customers want.

 Tips for enhancing A/B testing and TV advertising with UX testing

Analytics shows you where customers drop off but it won’t show you why. Run UX tests to pinpoint elements of a struggling page you should be trying to optimise
Run UX tests to discover the severity of issues to customers, so you can intelligently (and profitably) prioritise what to fix first
Improve the performance of your TV adverts by running remote UX tests on creative variants, just like Shearings did when it trebled response rates and halved costs
Run UX tests to tackle complex issues that can’t be solved with simple A/B testing alone – e.g. rearranging or trimming your site navigation bar
Get supercharged results by fine-tuning the user-friendliness of design variants with UX tests, then running A/B tests to choose the best of two great designs

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