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WhatUsersDo Platform

For digital professionals who want end-to-end support from our UX team.

Expertly managed UX Testing all the way from brief through to results analysis.

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing

Three Pillars

User insight needs to be robust, actionable and available company-wide. That's why your Managed Service is built on three key pillars:

Research Platform

An online user research platform that captures in-the-moment user experience testing feedback easily shared across a company.

Online Panel

Instant access to our online panel of over 30,000 real people from 5 countries with enhanced profiling *

UX People

User experience experts handle your research & produce insight reports helping your team focus on actioning the insight.

Private Panel

* Want to invite your own customers? Try our Private Panel service.

#1 remote user insight tool used by UK retailers.

It’s all about the people: real users, real insight.

Panel_User Experience Testing

It’s all about the people: real users, real insight.

Select from our international panel of real people in countries including UK, US, France, Germany and The Netherlands, or invite your own customer base using our Private Panel feature.

Because testing is best conducted in local language (so the spoken thoughts are more natural), we even translate your overseas tests.

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing

Website, App, Email, Advert. You can test all your digital output.

Website, App, Email, Mobile. You can test it.

This is a world increasingly full of agile acting companies seeking to iterate early and often – what better tool than User Experience testing to maximise your digital builds and channels.

Emails, Surveys, Adverts, PPC, SEO, Search, Landing pages, A/B & MVT programmes, any website or mobile site or app (not just your own – how about competitors?), any stage from concept to prototype and across all customer journeys from eCommerce check-out, to product search, to newsletter sign-up or whitepaper download.

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing

Target audience. Focus in on the right user.

Target audience. Focus in on the right user.

You can fine tune your selection with a range of additional filters (age, sex, socio-economic status, etc) and if that’s not enough, dive deeper still to get the right custom profile with panel screening around “pretty much anything you require”.

If you have a question we will ask it.

Testing - scoping & planning added in.

About us multi devices

Testing - scoping & planning added in.

Once we are clear on background and objectives, we use our expert user research knowledge of remote (unmoderated or moderated) testing to plan and design the tasks for participants to complete or we will work on full lab testing style projects. We work with you to make sure they are clear, unambiguous and surface the insights on the test stimulus. 

Test designs and plans are based specifically on your objectives, including details of panel profile, any screening criteria, linear test instructions, and notes of any special instructions for the user experience analysis.

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing

Prioritise insights

Let's help you prioritise those insights.

Our team of user experience analysts review and analyse the videos, so you can jump straight to the insight. Each user’s journey is broken down and we aggregate relevant results specifically in and on the research questions we are attempting to answer. We also prioritise issues and any recommendations we make to ensure it's very easy for you to see act with user evidence on our results.

Within days of the tests going live you can watch a playlist, download, share and view the user experience results and start basing decisions on robust and actionable insight.

Support all the way

Supporting you all the way.

From presenting the business case for a user research led digital strategy to running client testing workshops at the start of our relationship with your whole team and other stakeholders alongside results presentations and in-project research review meetings – we are here to help you maximise the value of your digital channels.

Our team have run hundreds of remote user experience testing projects across 19 business sectors, numerous test scenarios and in multi-countries. Our UX Researchers all hold a UX Certification from Nielsen Norman Group.

Over 3,000 digital professionals rely on us

Used by E-Commerce Managers, Digital Marketers, User Researchers, CRO experts and anyone who wants customer insight, not internal hunches, to drive their digital priorities.

  • “If buying 5 or 100 videos from WhatUsersDo doesn’t inspire you to transform your website nothing will.”
  • "Really valuable! Really quick and inexpensive. Watching the videos is both a humbling and exciting experience. We immediately made changes which are delivering value."
  • "CPW Online Solutions use WhatUsersDo to help optimise the online customer journey and implement our MVT testing to ensure the correct changes are made. The tests give impartial and true views from a wide range of consumers."
    Carphone Warehouse OS
  • “Using the principles developed during our engagement with WhatUsersDo has allowed us to make user testing and co-creation a part of our business as usual operations"
    Enfield Council
  • “The service is now a key part of our development lifecycle”
  • It’s really valuable for us to be able to watch what users are really doing on our site and for me to be able to share the video clips with internal clients when doing debriefs. This has helped the organisation put the user at the heart of what we do.
    The Money Advice Service
  • “The user testing WhatUsersDo provide has allowed fast feedback loops into our user experience and development teams, giving us the confidence to launch new or optimised areas of the site to our customers”
    Virgin Atlantic
  • “We were pleasantly surprised - both audio and visual quality were really good. We got a good sense of where people were tapping - or trying to tap! - and the testing uncovered some major usability issues”
    Standard Life
  • "We like the quick and effective findings that have helped us make many user centred decisions"

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