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What is Remote UX Testing?


Experts agree it really matters how you get feedback from customers.


Send them a survey and they'll ask for more features at a lower price.


Run a Focus Group and you'll hear people inaccurately reporting their past and future behaviour.


Commission a Usability Lab and you'll only hear from people who can be bothered to travel to it.


If your aim is to understand how to improve digital User Experience and Conversions then it is crucial that you gather in-the-moment spoken thoughts from customers as they use the internet in their natural environment using their own devices.


That's why we founded WhatUsersDo on these Seven Principles...

Experience is everything.

1. Experience is everything

In the digital world your Customers’ Experience is your Brand. You can forget the glossy TV campaigns or re-targeted ads that attracted them, because, just as your users start using your site, they will have forgotten them too.

What they Experience on your site or app is far more important.

2. Users, only users

UX Tests Users

2. Users, only users

We believe you need to get closer to your customers (we all do). Closer so you can start to see things from their point of view. Call it customer-centricity if you like.

Customer-centricity that means you’ll rely less on the opinion of consultants, best practice (that probably isn’t), your colleagues’ hunches or even your own instincts.

With WhatUsersDo you’ll get access to those Users you need to get close to: whether it’s your own customer base or our online panel. That way you can focus on the only opinions that really matter: your users’.

In the moment.

3. In the moment

You know those in the moment decisions people make when they’re online? Moments when they’re shopping on your site and decide to leave for a competitor’s, or when within a few seconds of arriving, they decide to leave your latest and greatest landing page or they decide to phone your call centre, because they can’t find the answer on your site.

Well, those are the types of “Moments” we capture - by recording users’ screens and spoken thoughts. It’s this in the moment insight that means you’ll understand the reasons 'WHY' people behave the way they do. So you can do something about it.

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing


Natural User Experience Testing

4. Natural

We strive to make our users’ test environment as natural as we can – through both where they are and how they feedback.

With WhatUsersDo where for our users is at home (sometimes work) with the usual distractions and not your office or a Lab, using their own computers, smart-phones or tablets, the personal devices they use every day and on the connection speeds they’re used to and not your high speed one.

With WhatUsersDo how is instant spoken feedback and thoughts, not typed answers or meaningless ratings, on their own, not hurting anyone’s feelings when they say what they really think & using, rather than reviewing.

This combination of natural user testing feedback given in natural surroundings means you’ll have insight that’s been collected the right way. Giving you the confidence to act upon it.

“Why?” is the most important question.

5. “Why?” - it's the most important question

You probably have more data from more vendors than ever before. Data that answers really important questions like how many?, where?, for how long? and using which devices?

Data that, on its own, can’t answer what we believe is the important question: Why?

That’s where WhatUsersDo comes in. To provide you the insight from real users to understand why.

So you can answer those crucial questions like why do most Home Page visitors bounce?, why are smart-phone conversions are so low and why do most target customers never even reach your website.

This isn’t market research or data mining that will provide you with trends and charts, but deep user insight into people’s behaviour that will help you get behind your stats so can start shaping them.

Our platform makes it all happen.

Platform_User Experience Testing

6. Our platform makes it all happen

Our user research platform is where it all happens – from the experience capture to the analysis, to the sharing of insight - available in your browser whenever you need it.

We believe that it’s platform delivery of insight across your organisation that will bring you closer to your users’ natural experiences, so you can understand how to improve them.

We believe you need fast, concise and actionable user insights delivered online to a platform (accessible from anywhere) where you can share, aggregate & interrogate results and plan evidenced change in your organisation.

It’s common sense.

7. It’s common sense

In this age of the customer, it makes sense to us (and hopefully you) that we put the people who use what we build at the centre of the design process. Isn't it obvious that you should involve your users/customers throughout each project's lifecycle?

But why limit insight to only websites? All of your digital output is ripe for improvement when you apply user insight - from e-mail content to PPC campaigns to landing pages. This is User Experience Testing. But why limit insight to only your digital output? Getting inside your customers' heads throughout their online journey, starting at Google and even before they reach your site (if they ever do), means you can act upon the real needs of real people. This is User Research.

Whether it's UX Testing or User Research, we believe it's common sense that you gather feedback from people on their digital journeys.

Discover the power of UX testing with a 7-day trial of WhatUsersDo

Discover the power of UX testing with a 7-day trial of WhatUsersDo


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