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How it works


Simplicity for all with no code required.

Because research shows that capturing user feedback “as it happens” or “in the moment” is the most effective and accurate way to gather UX insight, we designed our platform to make the capture process frictionless for participants and highly insightful for clients.

Participants (real people) simply speak their thoughts as they complete tasks (briefed by you and designed by our UX team), which are recorded along with their screens and mouse movements into online videos (that we analyse for you - into UX reports) and uploaded to your account on our platform.

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Process_Usability Testing

The most important thing we do is listen.

Once we are clear on background and objectives – we use our expert knowledge of remote user experience testing to plan and design the tasks for participants to complete. We work with you to make sure they are clear, unambiguous and surface the usability insights on the test stimulus.

These are based specifically on your objectives and include details of panel profile, any screening criteria, linear test instructions and notes of any special instructions for the user experience analysis.


We match exactly to your target audience.

Test participants can either be selected from our international panel covering the UK, US, Germany, France, and The Netherlands or recruited on-demand using third party panels.

Want to test with your own customers? Take advantage of our free Private Panel feature, and we'll handle recruitment, onboarding, and payment of testers.

You can then fine tune your selection with a range of additional filters (age, sex, socio-economic status, etc) and if that’s not specific enough, dive even deeper to get the exact custom profile with panel screening...so you get everything you require.

You can ask any question of your participants for your test! 


Priorities_UX Analysis & Insight

Making insights a priority.

Our team of User Experience analysts then review and analyse the videos, so you can jump straight to the insight. Each user’s journey is broken down into the relevan reserach findings that specifically answer the research questions. Our platform and UX process makes it simple to see aggregated results quickly and easily. We also provide an overall synopsis of results and any positive suggestions or comments from users and highlight clips.

Within days of the tests going live you can watch a playlist, download, view and share the results and start basing decisions on robust and actionable insight. If that’s not enough, we will present at “business case” meetings, hold team workshops, share every drop of user experience testing research and learning from thousands of projects across 19 sectors.

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  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing


You should test at every stage you can.

10 years ago user experience testing was simply (and wrongly) at the end of a development cycle – whilst those days have gone for some, many people are still doing this. Our clients are gaining competitive advantage by adding user research and experience testing right at the beginning of projects and through the development lifecycle.

We know that the user experience starts before they reach your site, so it's a good idea to test across your marketing collateral. Add user testing to email campaigns, surveys, banner adverts and PPC. You can maximize your A/B & MVT programmes and even assess any website or mobile site or app (even your competitors).  

We have seen the best performance increase across our clients who add user testing at the start of new projects, moving from concept to prototype and across the delivery of the project right the way through to "journey and funnel" testing. 

  • Unmoderated Remote
  • Moderated Remote
  • Lab Testing

If your content is intended for a user then you should be testing at all stages.

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