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About WhatUsersDo

About WhatUsersDo

What’s the worst thing about the internet?

You know, the normal internet, not the super-secret internet that’s just a hedonistic playground for creeps, weirdos and people who own ‘decorative swords’.

Wow, you’re an excitable and opinionated bunch. Let’s make a list of your grievances that I managed to scribble down in real-time…

- Pop-up ads
- Slow loading pages
- Clickbait content
- Long, unnecessary webforms
- Broken navigation
- Complex interfaces
- Autoplaying video
- Invasive ads that follow you everywhere you go
- Forbes’ website
- Erotic dinosaur themed e-books
- And a load more that I couldn’t catch over the yelling

What does every single item on the above list have in common (apart from the last one, which I may have misheard)?

They were brought into existence without a single thought for the human sat on the other side of the screen.

Each one provides a terrible user experience because the sole focus is on driving sales and traffic, while being completely ignorant of what easily annoys an internet user.

A ‘good’ user experience puts you, fellow internet user and person of discerning taste, at the centre of everything. A ‘good’ user experience comes from testing, and fixing, and retesting every element of a website (or app, or any digital product including erotic dinosaur themed e-book) with actual human beings.

Don’t get us wrong - we understand that driving growth, revenue and traffic is vital to every business, but what’s to often overlooked is the human element. And in this increasingly competitive world, how you treat your visitors and customers is what will truly set you apart from your competition.

And that’s where we come in.

WhatUsersDo is a remote user testing platform. We give you access to a global panel of 30,000 UX testers - real people, from a variety of backgrounds - who will complete any task you set for them. They’ll give you their spoken aloud thoughts and feelings, via video recordings of the test, which you can use to observe their behaviour, analyse and build a business case for improving the usability of your digital product.

It’s easy. It will help you make your stu better, because real people are helping you make it better. And in turn we can all help make the internet a better place. Instead of a hedonistic playground for creeps, weirdos and people who own ‘decorative swords’.

Who do we work with?

Hey, we can blather on all day long about how awesome we are and how awesome it is to use our platform, but what you really want to see is lots of nice logos for companies who we’ve helped over the last decade, from the the scrappiest start-up to the biggest ecommerce players. Roll on the brands!

Trusted by over 3,000 digital professionals

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Since its creation in 2008, WhatUsersDo has grown into a scrappy band of UX champions, delivering insight to clients all over the world.

Read on to find out more about each member’s earliest dreams and aspirations, and how they’ve now settled for a role at WhatUsersDo…

Meet the Team

Lee Duddell

Founder of WhatUsersDo
UX expert
Even at a tender young age, Lee had a cold, critical mind. He knew that all he wanted to do was look at stuff and go, “no, that doesn’t work properly.” It wasn’t until the age of 32 that he realised he would make more friends by backing these opinions up with actual recommendations based on observable behaviour from real users. Then the real users would bear the brunt of the scorn, and Lee could just put an arm around his clients and say, “Did those nasty bullies upset you again? Here let me make it all better” while leading them to a cash machine.

Nick Imrie

Much like all the best young brilliant law minds, Nick Imrie wanted to perfect the art of courtroom advocacy and litigation. However like so many young brilliant law minds, Nick became unstuck at a jobs fair, when asked if he’d like to become a barrister or a barista, Nick answered incorrectly and was immediately escorted off to latte bootcamp and the courts would never see Nick’s face again - at least until they find all those unpaid parking tickets in his glovebox. Thankfully before settling into a role as 2nd assistant frother, Nick was plucked from obscurity and found his natural calling as CEO of WhatUsersDo, where there is absolutely NO AMBIGUITY in this industry’s terminology.

Sally Graham

UX Research Director
Sally’s writing career fell at an early hurdle when she realised that her idea for a crime book series set in the world of horse-racing had already been done - by no less than two different authors. Feeling like she had no other option, Sally decided to plot the murder of her two literary rivals, Dick Francis and John Francome - but was thankfully offered the role of UX Research Director at WhatUsersDo at the last minute and their lives were spared. Ironically this episode formed the plot of the best-selling book ‘Horses of Nature’ written by the third most famous horse-racing crime author, Francis Johncome.

Hazel Ho

UX Researcher
Shop cashier
Faced with many paths in her life - medical school, lawyer school, architect school, teacher school - the academically gifted Hazel Ho chose to follow her true passion, studying with the very greats of grocery shop scholars and becoming a cashier. Under the strict training of Jim Marks, Barry Spencers, Sofia Aldi and Penelope Zavvi, Hazel learnt to be swift, efficient and ‘not too chatty but just chatty enough’ - i.e. the perfect cashier. Unfortunately things took a turn when Hazel realised she could use the scanner laser to blind people if they didn’t say “thank you” and left the profession in a cloud of pending lawsuits. Luckily WhatUsersDo employed Hazel as a UX Researcher and offered to settle her court cases as long as Hazel promised never to step foot in a supermarket ever again.

Andrea Farnsworth

Senior UX Researcher
As a child, Andrea auditioned for the greatest child film roles known to… uh… child. Violet Beauregard. The kid on the trike in The Shining. The third least important Ewok after Wicket. Sadly her pre-madonna antics led her to being blacklisted from the industry - there’s only so many times you can flip over a catering table in a rage and slap Sean Penn in the face before you earn yourself a reputation. Luckily before being cast in the ill-fated Oliver sequel, Oliver II: Back to the Gutter, Andrea was employed by WhatUsersDo and she hasn’t slapped Sean Penn in the face since, despite thoroughly deserving it all of the time.

Alexander Darlington

UX Researcher
Having discovered at a young age, the terrifying creation of the planet killing white dwarf Nebulon 13X-12, Alexander rushed to the local observatory to talk to the professional astrophysicists about his amateur discovery. “You wanna clean the lens of your microscope, mate!” replied the callous astrophysicists as they spoke through mouthfuls of scotch egg. “You probably got some jam sandwich on it.” Dejected, Alexander returned home and decided to follow a different career path as a UX Researcher for WhatUsersDo. As for Nebulon 13X-12? Well, that’s a whole different story* *Nebulon 13X-12 ate the mean astrophysicists’ house, and got a job as assistant manager of Telford Debenhams.

Lotta Adolfsson

UX Researcher
Sweden is one of the world's top exporters of popular music by gross domestic product. The UK is one of the world’s top exporters of remote UX testing by gross domestic product. So therefore it was only a matter of time before these two things would finally combine to create a symbiotic relationship between the pure pop song power of Sweden and the delivery of observational UX testing. What the hell are you talking about, you ask? Well… If you buy 50 credits from us, our UX Researcher Lotta Adolfsson will sing ‘Waterloo’ down the phone at you. Oh because she’s Swedish? You persist on asking. Well… that’s actually a coincidence, because we all bloody love Abba, it’s just her turn on the phones this week.

George Kalyvas

Junior UX Researcher
With his long white lab coat, round glasses, beakers brimming over with foaming liquid and constantly alight bunsen burner, George Kalyvas is a menace to the WhatUsersDo office. Often he will pass around a Petri dish of some brightly coloured matter and ask, “guess what that is?” We’ve fallen for this before, and it never ends well. We tell him to stop pretending to be a scientist and stop leaving his bunsen burner unattended. He replies, “but I’m a scientist of UX!” We tell him that’s not a thing, but he’s already gone outside to gather ‘samples’ from the ‘field’* *Chocolate from the sweet shop

Steven Porthouse

Business Development Director
Although you may only have a distant memory, as much of the history has been scrubbed from the records, but Steven was formerly a member of The Osmonds. He was Stevie Osmond. The adopted brother from the other side of the tracks. Sure he had a voice like an angel, but Stevie Osmond was more interested in revving his motorcycle and flipping off old ladies then joining the rest of his family on stage. After a flick-knife altercation with Jimmy Osmond, Stevie was forced to flee to the UK, change his name and become Business Development Manager for WhatUsersDo. He may still have a rebellious spirit, but crikey can he still hit those high notes in ‘Puppy Love’.

Barend Faber

Senior Customer Success Manager
Despite having a pathological fear of rabbits, Barend Faber entered the world of veterinarians in the summer of 2004. Barend’s first posting saw him stationed in a small rural town of Strathbank, just outside Dundee, but to his horror, the idyllic existence of helping sick animals for the delight of small children was shattered upon discovery of the fact that Strathbank is proud home to the highest population of domestic rabbits in the world. To his increasing horror, the summer of 2004 witnessed the outbreak of a deadly rabbit disease, that ensured long queues of children and their stricken bunnies stretching for hundreds of yards outside his practice for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the rabbits did a bit of a sick on him, and Barend immediately moved back to London and became WhatUsersDo’s Senior Customer Success Manager.

Marcelo Prado Dos Santos

Customer Success Manager
Federal agent
Marcelo dreamed of life as a ‘fed’. Breaking in doors of drug-dealers with a battering ram. Breaking into heavily armed cult compounds with a battering ram. Breaking into gun-runners’ warehouses with a battering ram. Then Marcelo realised that he could just buy a battering ram off eBay and not worry about all the other really dangerous stuff. So he became Customer Success Manager at WhatUsersDo and our office no longer has any doors.

Norman Cook

Customer Success Manager
Working as a uniformed patrolman, Norman Cook excelled in every assignment. His success led to more plain-clothes assignments where he slowly discovered a hidden world of corruption among his own colleagues. Norman decided to expose what he had seen, but was harassed and threatened by his peers, leading to infighting within the police force and his life being threatened. Finally, after being shot in the face during a drug bust he testified before the government and received a Medal of Honour. Norman then resigned from the force and moved to London to become a Customer Success Manager for WhatUsersDo where he hasn’t been shot in the face even once.

Oliver Newton

Commercial Head (publishing, education, utilities and telcos)
When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, Oliver replied “Pirate! And hey, look at me now… I work in sales!” You might assume he’s making a hilarious pun there - sales/sails. But you’d be wrong. Oliver specifically wrote “sales” as he does indeed work in sales. And the truth be told, he really did want to be a pirate. He even still has the gold hoop earrings and carries the curse of Davy Jones’ locker around with him. We’ve all told him it’s gout, but he insists it’s an old pirate curse.

Francesca Castaldi

Panel Manager
Taking her inspiration from the baroque painter Caravaggio, Francesco spent most of her youth in Naples getting into brawls, provoking anyone that would come near her and eventually escaping the country after being given the death penalty for murder. Did Francesco get as much painting done as Caravaggio? No. Did Caravaggio become the highly respected Panel Manager of WhatUsersDo? No. Time will tell which of these important figures will have the most influence on the world of modern painting.

Mary Eusse

UX and Panel Assistant
Fashion Designer
You remember when Lady Gaga dressed up in that meat dress? How about when David Bowie wore that knitted one-legged jumpsuit? And how about Roger Moore’s powder blue leisure suit in ‘Live and Let Die’? Yes, all triumphs of modern-day fashion, never to be surpassed. And all these items of haute couture have another thing in common… Mary Eusse didn’t design any of them. But she did once listen to Lady Gaga while wearing a blue woollen jumper, and that’s closer to the fashion world then any of us have achieved.

Morag McLaren

Head of Product
Assassin or lawyer
“You can’t have both” I said to Morag when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I can. If Daredevil can be a superhero and a lawyer, I can be an assassin and a lawyer.” I questioned, “When would you sleep?” Moran replied, “probably during opening statements.” Who knows what the future would have held for Morag if she had followed these twin paths instead of the one leading to Head of Product at WhatUsersDo. But one thing’s for sure - there are probably more court cases won and fewer people murdered for cash.

Samuel Lopez

Senior Developer
Samuel Lopez dreamed of being the cool teacher. The one that would be cool with you looking at you mobile phone in class, but who you wouldn’t dare not pay attention to because he’s just so interesting/funny/dreamy. Samuel’s first assignment was at a private school in Berkshire, where he would teach the pupils all about the history of hip-hop, skateboarding and graffiti. Sadly after his first year, there were too many complaints from the parents that their children had developed a sailor’s vocabulary and broken a collarbone. Thankfully Samuel became WhatUserDo’s Senior Developer, where he teaches us to be cool and doesn’t get told off by our parents as much.

Reynaldo Reyes

Front-end developer
Plane pilot
It was the high life was for Reynaldo Reyes, before a plane crash in the Andes meant he was too afraid to ever step foot in a cabin ever again. Reynaldo would have looked great in that uniform too - the blue lapels, the cool pilot hat, the little wheelie suitcase. It would have suited him. It’s just a shame about that crash in the Andes with the football team where absolutely nothing untoward happened and is certainly not the reason why whenever we play the game “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” Reynaldo backs away sheepishly and we don’t see him for the rest of the week. Good to have you on board, Reynaldo! I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.

Valerie Baudry

Finance and Office Manager
Airforce pilot
Valerie Baudry always dreamed of dog-fighting in the skies and going toe-to-toe with enemy fighter jets. Barrel-rolling, loop-the-looping and other dangerous plane things that all the best flying aces can do - Billy Bishop, Leonard Monteagle Barlow and John Travolta. Sadly these dreams failed to get off the ground when Valerie realised that looping the loop is horrible and maybe she just likes the scarf and goggles. And that’s why Valerie dresses the way she does as Finance and Office Manager of WhatUsersDo - starched scarf, goggles all smeared in grease paint and screaming “WE’RE GOING DOWN” and radioing her husband to tell her she loves him whenever anything minor goes wrong (an invoice has the wrong date/someone hasn’t completed a holiday form properly, etc).

Tom Lloyd

Head of Marketing
Journalist or cleaner
To quote Tom, “Truth is I’ve actually worked as a cleaner and not really as a journalist so I guess the former came more true.” All this time Tom’s been swanning around the office claiming to be Head of Marketing, and ordering me around because he hired me and is technically my boss, when in actual fact, he’s the cleaner. Wait, does he even have the power to hire me? DO I EVEN OFFICIALLY WORK HERE? I am having an existential crisis on a company About Us page and the walls are closing in on me. TOM HELP ME!!! Okay fine, I’ll help you do some sweeping first.

Clare Burroughs

Customer Marketing Manager
Sindy doll designer
Designed to be a ‘more wholesome’ version of her fierce rival Barbie, the UK produced Sindy doll formed the inspiration for a series of art-pieces created by Clare Burroughs in the early 2000s. Described as a “preternatural talent” by influential art critic Jerry Saltz, Clare’s work features a rictus-grinned Sindy dismembering Barbie in increasingly macabre ways while Ken looks on in horror. Thankfully Clare was offered the role of WhatUsersDo’s Customer Marketing Manager before Mattel could build a fairly watertight defamation case against the young artist.

OJ Quevedo

Social Media and Community Manager
Fresh out of education, OJ joined the firefighting force with his lantern-jawed brother Kurt, but as he was struggling to step out of his older sibling’s shadow he decided to transfer to the arson unit. There he aided a man who looked the spitting image of Robert De Niro in his investigation into a spate of fires involving oxygen-induced infernos. But when a conspiracy implicating a crooked politician and an arsonist led OJ back to his brother, he was forced to overcome his brotherly competitiveness in order to crack the case. Unfortunately just before OJ could crack the case, he was offered a job at WhatUsersDo as our Social Media Manager, so the arsonist was never caught.

Christopher Ratcliff

Content Marketing Manager
Philip Schofield
Seemingly at the height of his fame in the mid-80s with dual presenting duties on Children’s BBC and the Smash Hits Polls Winner Party, it wasn’t until he replaced the grace-fallen John Leslie on ITV’s flagship daytime TV show This Morning, that Schofield’s star truly began to shine - being rude to shoplifters and giggling because Holly Willoughby accidentally said a penis joke. When pressed on whether Christopher would be happy to be this elder version of Schofield, he said “no, he doesn’t hang out with the gopher any more.”