Nick Imrie


Nick Imrie has 20 years marketing, media and business growth experience. He has had 3 business exits and a number of other companies that he thought were amazing but no-one else in the market did (the technical term for those are failures). At - he joined the board as head of marketing and grew it as part of the management team across four continents to then sell it to VeriSign Inc in 2001. He was Marketing Director EMEA for VeriSign (with eCommerce responsibility) for 2 years and just hated how expensive and time consuming focus groups were and recognised that back then (much like now) how many 'hunches" & "best guesses" digital teams (including his own) were acting on every day rather than getting the user/customer involved in all digital development.  After VeriSign he started up two non-profits as well as growing and selling media production company twenty first century media to Ten Alps Plc in 2008. In 2010 he started up a market disruptive conference call service, 03TALK and is a non-exec of "venue entertainment" network ScreenReach (ScreachTV) and 'life-saving" motorcycle app

Nick is CEO of WhatUsersDo and relishing the challenge of bringing user research to mass market adoption internationally.

Bus growth - start up to exit
Raising investment
Bus models & planning
Marketing & Product Dev
Marketing Campaigning
Digital Marketing
Brand Building