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User experience (UX) is everything that happens to people – physically and emotionally – as they interact with your marketing assets. Everything they see, hear, touch and do while engaging with a branded object is part of the user experience.

As you can guess, UX decisively affects the number of customers you win, their perception of your brand and the success of your business.

If users struggle to understand or enjoy your design, words or creative style, they won’t stick around long enough to be persuaded by your marketing messages.

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Definition of remote UX testing and its role in marketing

Remote UX testing is the use of video recording software to capture the actions and spoken thoughts of users as they interact with your website, content or other marketing assets. It shows you what works, what doesn’t and how to improve the user experience.

Your opinions are irrelevant. The opinions of the head of marketing are irrelevant. Even the opinions of the CEO are irrelevant. Why? None of you are your customers. Plus, you’re too close to the work and emotionally attached to your decisions.

It’s important to understand the experiences of the actual people your marketing efforts are trying to persuade. They’re objective parties, simply looking for the products that best meet their needs.

Who would benefit from remote UX testing?

  • Marketing managers
  • One-man band marketers
  • Content marketers
  • Corporate marketing departments
  • Traditional marketers with some overlap in digital
  • Digital marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Marketing entrepreneurs
  • SEO and PPC specialists
  • Graphic or visual designers
  • Copywriters

Any marketer who wants maximum returns from the sweat and tears poured into marketing – and there are often tears – will benefit.

What’s in it for you?

The classic rule of AIDA (Attention; Interest; Desire; Action) in marketing persuasion is still considered fundamental to success today.

But when you’re creating marketing assets, how do you know whether what you’ve created will grab attention, pique interest, arouse desire and drive action?

Run UX tests in advance and make sure your work is primed for success before releasing it into the big, bad world.

Marketing AIDAHere are some tangible results you’ll enjoy from UX testing:

Increase effectiveness – see which designs, words and messages are actually effective at moving users in the direction you want.

Improve brand perception – when users enjoy interacting with your assets, their overall perception of the brand is made up of overwhelmingly positive experiences.

Increase customer loyalty – if customers find it easier to engage with your brand than with your competitors’, it’s no surprise that they’ll return to you more often.

Spy on competitors – you can even run UX tests on your competitors’ marketing assets. Learn from their strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Improve SEO performance – even Google says that “user experience comes first” when it comes to ranking and you can now optimise that.

Save time and money – how often do you work on something that turns out to be useless or unnecessary? UX testing shows, as early as possible, what you need to ditch.

Measure and improve NPS and WUS – you can measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Website Usability Scale (WUS) score by including surveys at the end of your UX tests. NPS helps you measure loyalty while WUS helps you measure, on a numerical scale, the experience users have when using your site.

How does remote UX testing work?

There are 3 main aspects to running remote UX tests:

  1. Platform – the software which allows you to video record the actions and spoken thoughts of users as they interact with your marketing assets.
  2. Panel – the community of people with whom you can test your assets. This comprises audiences stretching from millennial artists to university professors.
  3. People – the WhatUsersDo UX experts, who’ll help you get set up on the platform and achieve the best results from UX testing.

What can you test?

  • Blogs
  • Video content
  • Websites
  • Microsites
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Apps
  • Advertising 
  • Email marketing
  • Digital magazines
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing

Or any other marketing asset you want people to engage with and be persuaded by.

Which results can you achieve with remote UX testing?

Welcome to ROI-central – where we’ll show you exactly how remote UX testing brings in the cash.

Here’s a selection of marketing-related case studies to put some very good ideas in your head:

  1. Lovehoney increased revenue by 115% when it combined TV advertising with UX testing
  2. Brook optimised its mobile content, and increased organic traffic and rankings, thanks to UX testing
  3. Pan Macmillan used UX testing to successfully embed a new culture, focussed on digital expertise and proof of ROI

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