Using Live Chat to increase conversions

We love Live Chat at whatusersdo. It’s easy to implement, affordable and great for Customer Service. Now we are using it as a Conversion Tool in its own right to provide fresh insight into what visitors are thinking on specific pages and funnels.

Here’s how it started.

A few months back Google Analytics was telling us we had a problem with a specific landing page. We were seeing high bounce rates coupled with low repeat visits. We wanted to understand why that was happening and needed some qualitative insight into visitors’ thoughts.

As an experiment we installed Zopim (other Live Chat clients are available) on the problem landing page and sat by our computers waiting for visitors to ask us questions. A trend soon emerged, with more than 75% of people asking the same thing.

A few (that is sooo obvious!) slaps to our foreheads and we soon fixed the problem with a small (but important) copy addition to the landing page that did the trick. It was a quick and dirty but very effective way to understand the why behind what Analytics was telling us.

Of course it can’t work in every situation, but we found it insightful and an interesting way to understand what users are thinking.

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  • Thanks for writing about us. Interestingly, when we first launched zopim in beta, we found out (through our own live chat) that even though the beta signup was free then, many users wanted to have an idea of what our pricing would be..

    That prompted us to create a pricing page with a rough guideline of our future pricing structure. Glad to know zopim helped out in your scenario as well =)

  • michael
    9 years ago

    Great post! I’m curious what copy addition worked for you.

  • We at decided to add a live chat feature to our website about half a year ago and tested a few apps before making our decision. We liked the design of Zopim and Chatra the most, and they made it to the final round ๐Ÿ™‚ What we liked about Zopim is the visitor visualization that Chatra doesnโ€™t have. But Chatra support rep recommended us to use the proactive chat invitations that make the window pop up automatically on certain pages. It seemed interesting and we spent about an hour thinking of the texts for different sections. And the actual setup took us only several minutes. We were getting the same amount of chats with those automatic invitations like we did when we started a conversation manually in Zopim, but we did not have to spend time looking on whom to chat with and could focus on other tasks. After doing a couple more tests, we chose Chatra and are still using it on our website. It has all the features we need and works very smooth.

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