The relationship between user experience & brand [WhatMarketersDo Podcast]

Host: Timi “Big Papa Timi” Olotu (Content)
Guest: OJ “Reverse Jo” Quevedo (Social Media)
Guest: Tom “Dr GreenTom” Lloyd (Head of Marketing)

Whenever the terms “UX” and “brand” come up in the same discussion, the common denominator is usually one concept – “experience”.

What are people thinking and feeling while interacting with your company? Or while using products created or supplied by your company?

If brand and UX are experience-based ideas, where’s the line between the two (if there’s even one at all)?

We reckon companies give themselves a serious edge when they have a clear idea of what each term means, and strategies for enhancing both.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to add a devastating hybrid weapon to your marketing arsenal, by combining the powers of brand and user experience.

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Timi is a London-based copywriter and full-time marketing sceptic – there are now more unvalidated opinions out there than ever.

He became a UX testing enthusiast after seeing its power while working at TUI – the world’s largest travel, leisure and tourism company. He then joined WhatUsersDo to sharpen his UX knowledge and work side-by-side with the field’s best and brightest.

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