Axure Prototype Usability Testing

axure logoTesting “early and often” has been the mantra for usability testing for the past 20 years. Whether it’s visual mockups, wireframes or a staging server, the sooner you can adjust your design based upon user feedback, the better the end results will be.

The folks at Axure have launched Axure Share – an easy way to upload and publish your RP files so you can user test them remotely. It’s free to use and many WhatUsersDo clients have had terrific results from the service – getting feedback as they build and iterate.

How to do it

1. Generate your prototype in Axure.

2. Upload your prototype to

3. From within the prototype grab the “Link without sitemap” URL (you don’t want users to see the sitemap that Axure generates).

Removing a sitemap from an Axure prototype

Removing the sitemap from an Axure prototype

4. Choose the “How easy to use is this early prototype?” template on the WhatUsersDo order form and paste the URL you just copied into the “Website to use” field.

5. Launch your test.

Need help?

Just contact us if you need help designing your test or want to find out more about our remote user testing service.

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