The Finance Bit – Suppliers Questions

Today our Head of Operations, Morag Mclaren, answers some commonly asked question that she receives from finance departments. Hopefully this post will answer some initial questions you might have when considering whether or not to add us as a supplier. If there’s anything that we haven’t covered please feel free to get in touch and I can either address it in a future post or via email.

1. Who are we?

WhatUserDo Ltd was incorporated & VAT registered in 2008 and we’ve been growing turnover ever since. We’ve got 2 offices: 1 in Newcastle and a 2nd in London.

We’re now on the preferred supplier lists of companies such as Tesco, John Lewis Partnership & Telefonica (O2), so we’re used to answering questions about who we are and what we do.

2. How much effort and time is involved in starting to use our service?

Honestly – none! We don’t currently require integration with any of your established systems. We’re cloud based and use software that most people already have installed on their computers – a video player and a browser. The only type of clients who have, so far, needed set up time are financial institutions who have stringent security restrictions – we worked with them to solve this though, so we can do the same for you.

3. What services do we offer?

  • Self Service
    This is our standard product – designed for occasional use & for those who want to buy and launch their tests straightaway because they already know what they want to test.
  • Test Packs
    Ideal for those who test regularly and don’t want the hassle of paying by company credit card every time. Packs start at 10 users & go up to 40. We can of course sell you any amount of tests you’d like, but you’ll need to contact us to talk about this. Packs are valid for 12 months from the date of invoice/order.
  • Managed Service
    This service was designed for time-poor clients who want to take advantage of our years of UX experience. It includes account management, desktop & advanced testing, UX test planning & design and expert analysis of the results.
  • Advanced Testing
    Mobile Testing: allows you to test websites or apps on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets.
    Tree Testing: a usability technique for evaluating the ‘findability’ of topics in your website.
    Card Sorting: a quick and easy way to find out how people think your content should be organised.
  • Private Panel
    Whilst we have a broad range of users, we understand that there are times when only your own customers’ opinions will do, so we can work with you to get them set up for your use.

4. How do our payment terms work?

  • Self Service orders must be paid for online via our payment gateway (WorldPay Ltd).
  • Test Packs can be paid for online or via invoice with special agreement.
  • Our Managed Service is a rolling 3 month contract invoiced quarterly in advance.
  • Our invoice payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice – unless different terms have been agreed prior to the order being placed.
  • Unless there’s a separate agreement/contract in place then all of our clients are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale.

We invoice when we receive your completed Order Form or signed Contract. We invoice at the start of the project lifecycle because we have such a rapid project turnaround time that typically we will have completed the project within 1-2 weeks. Also a lot of our time and effort goes into scoping the project and designing the tests in accordance with your objectives, all of which happens within days of you giving us the go ahead.

5. What if we’re not happy with the results/service?

I can honestly say that this doesn’t happen very often for us. In the first instance if you’re unhappy about something please contact your Account Manager or Key Contact (if you have one) – otherwise please contact me direct and I will work with you to find a solution. If I can’t help you then our Head of UX, Lee Duddell, or our MD, Nick Imrie, are always available to you.

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