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What’s the difference between a UX researcher and a UX designer?

Welcome back to our semi-regular series of UX beginner’s guides, where we ask the questions that you’re too shy or...

Dan Saffer

AMA with Dan Saffer, author and product designer at Twitter

Last week on our UX community Slack channel, we hosted a live AMA with Dan Saffer, author and product designer at...

Explaining design to non-designers

How to explain design to non-designers

Please note, throughout December we’ll be updating and republishing a few of our favourite articles from last year to give...

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16 tools and resources for improving online accessibility

So, you’ve decided that you want to improve the accessibility of your website. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what...

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A brief guide to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in UX design

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its role in UX design. We’ll be explaining the...

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How to design the same product for two different personas

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing a common concern of many businesses: how do you develop the same product for...

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Is simplicity the best way to ensure usability? If we strip everything down to the bare essentials, what do we lose in the process?

It can often seem like there’s a straight line between simplicity and usability. Improving usability and user experience involves working...

Four psychology principles every UX designer should know

There’s a darn good reason that there are so many PSYCHOLOGY+UX articles floating around. User experience design has its conceptual...

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How to design websites for blind and partially sighted people A comprehensive guide to improving accessibility for people with visual impairments

As of 2014, there are around 360,000 people registered as blind or partially sighted in the UK. But these are...

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UX Disciplines: Should UXers be expected to perform research and design (or even code?) [a #uxchat roundup] Should UXers broaden their skill sets or specialise? [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed UX disciplines. Many good points were raised, mulled over, and then picked apart, particularly with the question about whether UXers should be expected to perform both research and design (and code, even.) Here are the talking points: