Dear Customer, I knew you then… but now? How to monitor customer insight on an ongoing basis

What time is it?

I was talking to a client who has responsibility for many digital properties and brands – understanding their customers’ needs and experiences – and marvelling at how they managed to keep on top of it all. I mean, realistically their properties must be on some kind of attention schedule – “I’ll work on Brand A this week, Brand B next week…” and so on.

This caught my imagination, so I recounted the conversation to my team, who had the same response of “Whoa, that’s a lot of work – what can we do to help them?”

I mean, if you have multiple brands to take care of it must be hard – you want to be improving all of them, all of the time but that’s just not feasible. And what if it’s not a week? What if it’s a month or 6? Can you really still say that you understand your customers based on information you gathered 6 months ago?

What if you could have a way of monitoring customer or user insight, feedback and experience on an ongoing basis?

Would that help? To know that even if you’re working on Brand A, you have something ‘live’ that’s gathering insight for you – available as soon as you’re ready to work on Brand B.

Schedule Planning


With WhatUsersDo, you can now create UX tests once and set them to run on a repeating schedule – just like a weekly team meeting.

Prize to the 1st person who emails me with their guess of where we got our inspiration for the repeating input dialogue. Here’s a clue: it really is that obvious, but be specific!

So, if you’d like to spend less time creating user experience test designs and more working on the results – I’d recommend:

  1. Identifying your key journeys – ideally that map to the KPIs that you have to monitor
  2. Creating test designs to cover these across all your sites or brands
  3. Setting the repeating schedule so that it matches your work schedule – daily, weekly or monthly
  4. Reviewing the tests after your first set of results and tweaking as necessary or, worst case scenario, stop the test altogether

We’ll email you when we launch an order and when the results are in. The insights will come straight into your account with very little further effort.

So, when anyone asks, “When’s the last time you looked at the changing thoughts / feelings / experiences of our customers?”

You can reply with confidence, “Every day / week / month,” and show them the evidence!

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