Put your UX to the test with the WhatUsersDo Website Workout It's time to get fit for the new year! (Well, at least your website anyway)

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Get a free website health check, including three remote UX test videos, from WhatUsersDo this January!

You know those training montages in films, where the hero is out of shape but has to defeat a baddie, so they put on a load of gym gear and we watch them do loads of different exercises that look tough at first but eventually get easier as the hero gets stronger? And it’s all set to that one song… you know… it goes…

“You’re the best AROUND! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

Yeah that one.

That’s YOU, right now!!!

You’re at the beginning of that training montage, and the audience is watching and they’re seeing you click on this webpage and reading about how you can make your website more user friendly this January by signing up for the WhatUsersDo Website Workout!

And the audience is rooting for you, because even though your navigation is a bit flabby, your menus are a bit tired, and your checkout is a bloated mess, they know that at the end of this training montage, your website is going to be fighting fit!

And remember that song is still playing…

“You’re the best AROUND! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!”

feel the burn

All you need to do is take the first step on the journey! (Actually it’s the second step, the first was buying Joe Esposito’s Greatest Hits on cassette).

By signing up for the WhatUsersDo Website Workout this January, you’ll receive three remote UX test videos to check the health of their website, app or digital product.

You can choose from our own selection of website-health tests or if you’re deeper into the training montage, you can create your own tests from scratch!

Now let’s kick this into gear by signing up below!

Our UX blog is on the move...

We're now publishing all of our brand new content on the UserZoom UX blog. All of our previously published articles will also be migrating to UserZoom over the coming months.

Don't worry, we'll still be just as accessible, interesting, helpful and entertaning as ever. We just have a different name and an owl instead of a question mark for a logo.

Come say hello!

Oh yeah, and one last time…

You’re the best AROUND! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

Christopher Ratcliff

Christopher is the Content Marketing Manager of WhatUsersDo. He’s also a filmmaker and the editor of wayward pop culture site Methods Unsound. He used to be the deputy editor of Econsultancy and editor of Search Engine Watch.

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