We put our money where our mouth is: £2,000 worth, for anyone who wants it

Take the plunge

You know how we go on about being in tune with users? It’s not just you we keep beating with that stick – we do it to ourselves too. That’s led us to offer something that our users constantly ask for – free private panel testing on the WhatUsersDo platform.

The people who test websites, apps and all manner of other things for us belong to our panel of testers. This panel has a ridiculously diverse range of people in it – from university professors to young musicians – and will comfortably meet all but a unique class of requests.

Private Panel lets you invite anyone – including ultra-specific segments of your existing customer base – to test for you. Let’s say your company has created an app for lawyers, and you want Hong Kong-based, English-speaking solicitors who’ve been using your app for 5+ years and earn over £200,000, Private Panel just might be the way.


WhatUsersDo: helping you find your unicorn testers…

Basically: it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for user experience testing.

Private panel has been available for ages but it used to cost £2,000. As you can imagine, that cut lots of people right out of the equation. We didn’t do it because we’re mean – for the service to be financially viable, we basically had to charge that much. But we were constantly looking for ways of making it more accessible.

“So, why are you making private panel free when it used to cost £2000?”

Because customers want us to

Firstly, our team reports back every time a customer asks about Private Panel (before expressing disappointment at their inability to afford it). So we crafted a pricing structure that makes it free, yet commercially viable.


“Fly, Feedback Bird, tweeteth yonder team thine customer insights!”

You have to buy a minimum number of credits to qualify for free Private Panel, but you’d have to buy credits to run tests with our existing panel anyway. You don’t pay anything extra for the creation, recruitment and running of a Private Panel – which you’d previously have had to.

Because we like to practice what we preach

We don’t do enough to make you aware of the tireless work our product team does to improve our platform for users.


“Yup, platform’s lookin’ good…”

From visuals and functionalities, to pricing and support, the whole business is always looking for ways to make your life easier. This change is part of that effort. And this post is part of our effort to be more transparent about that process.

Because our market needs to go this way

Some of the market used to offer free private panel to everyone, but they’ve recently introduced terms which mean lots of customers have had their free access stopped and lots of other features taken away – we want to add not penalise!

Angry House

The frugal house was mad he could no longer test with his somewhat… “unique” user base

We thought, “Why don’t we launch our private panel changes right now?” We don’t generally care what competitors get up to – we’re always scrapping to make our service more accessible regardless.

But means and opportunity had come together nicely and it would’ve been silly to ignore that.

Because we can now afford to

We won’t bore you with the laborious and unexciting details of the financial balancing act that is running a tech company.


How many pennies can you balance on your table?

But we will tell you that there’ve been changes to our business – our teams, our structure and our finances. These changes have allowed us to offer a high-quality private panel service for free, in a way that’s sustainable.

What do you get out of setting up your free Private Panel?

  • A £2,000 price chop. Just like that.
  • You can test using anyone, from anywhere – so long as you’re happy for all testing and correspondence to take place in English
  • You’ll enjoy support from our team when recruiting, creating and maintaining your Private Panel
  • Once you’ve created a Private Panel, you can continue to run tests using the people already in it
  • It’s super-easy and straightforward to set up – certainly much easier than trying to get these people to come in for face-to-face lab testing

Curious about free Private Panel testing? Get in touch…

You can find out more if you think the free Private Panel option might be useful to you, or contact us and get the lowdown from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

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