Premier Inn – what's a Debit card?

It’s a good idea to use words that your customers understand on your website (obviously) – especially on a page that involves payment.

Please take my money
Recently, when I was ready to pay by Debit Card for some rooms at the otherwise great Premier Inn site, I was flumoxed when trying to find the right card type for my Visa Debit from the drop down list.

Try it yourself
Imagine you’ve spent a few precious minutes booking some rooms and now want to pay by Visa Debit card. Now click on the image below and think about what you would choose?

Am I mad?
Maybe everyone else refers to it as a Visa Delta card? I think not. But if I’m wrong please correct me.

Update: it’s a Visa Credit card
So, the correct choice from the drop-down list for my Visa Debit card is Visa Credit. Obvious. Not.

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  • Ideally it shouldn’t be asking for the card type at all. The first 4 or 6 digits identify the card type, and an online payment service provider have the BIN file that provides this identification.

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