Policy Expert case study: keeping our insurance powered by people

Our friends at Policy Expert have kindly pulled a few words together on how they used WhatUsersDo to help improve the experience their customers get from their service and site…..

From day one of building policyexpert.co.uk, we’ve always placed great emphasis on customer experience. Even in the conception of our business idea, the focus has always been about delivering a customer-centric service that puts the user at the heart of our decision-making. From our overall proposition right down to our website navigation – we wanted to make sure we were always listening to our customers and continually acting on their feedback. This is where WhatUsersDo has been incredibly insightful.

Insurance is considered a traditional industry – sometimes even a little stuck in its ways, but with the popularity of online comparison sites, more and more customers are turning to the web to find insurance deals. Our mission was to go one stage further and create a next-generation online broker that would look after customers beyond the comparison stage and offer exceptional customer service from quote through to claim. This was a fresh way of thinking about insurance – so it needed a fresh approach to usability.

In the early days of our website build, we invited the general public into our London offices to trial various stages of the application. Their suggestions were taken on board and helped us shape the website during the initial build stages. However, there are limits to the scope of face-to-face user testing and we wanted to make sure we were consistently accessible to all customers so we could harness feedback from a wider user base.

Since our home insurance launch, we’ve found WhatUsersDo to be an extremely useful tool in helping us check in with our online customers, hear their feedback and adopt their suggestions where possible. It’s almost like an MOT for our website and application – we can see which parts are running smoothly and which areas require a little tinkering.

We were pleased to see an overall positive response from recent testing, with most areas of our site being highlighted as successful. However, this is far from being a back-patting exercise and has helped us focus on those isolated areas causing confusion for users. Gathering first-hand responses about our design, messaging and usability has given way to several immediate improvements and planned improvements to our site.

One such immediate change was simply to put our contact details in a more prominent place. Users felt it was important to instantly know how to reach us, as this information instilled confidence and offered convenience. With a small tweak to our landing page header – our telephone number is now much more visible. Equally, users commented that our hero images and text scrolled too quickly on our main homepage – something that was easy and quick to adjust.

With the day-to-day demands of a business, it can be very easy to get into a bubble – always striving to build the next great piece of functionality for your website etc. As such, sometimes very simple usability issues can be overlooked – which is why a regular health check is essential. For example, our recent user testing through WhatUsersDo revealed the need for further explanation of some particular insurance terms. In addition, we found that we need to work harder in ensuring a complete understanding of our actual proposition and where we sit within the market – something we hope to address in our proposed re-design. Increased understanding should, in turn, give rise to increased appreciation of the benefits our service can offer.

While we view our current design as fresh and approachable, some comments viewed the illustrative style a little over casual for the industry. Of course, we need to balance this with other positive feedback we’ve received – but this may too lead to some changes in our overall branding.

WhatUsersDo has also helped us address a few minor stumbling blocks in our question set, hopefully resulting in an even smoother journey throughout our form. This includes more detailed messaging on some of the more complex questions, improved button prominence and further explanation in the instance of an unavailable quote.

We certainly plan to continue usability testing in this way to ensure our customers’ voices are always heard and our website, and service, keep evolving for the better.

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