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Be Good To Your Users
romeo and juliet from the zefferelli film

UX and SEO: two disciplines (becoming more) alike in user-friendliness Does UX affect SEO? What UX signals does Google use to rank your website? Will I continue the baffling Romeo & Juliet references below?

I’ll level with you. There was a substantial period of time where I was only writing about SEO. Yes, I...

mobile phone with lens flare

A brief guide to web vs native apps

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing web and native apps and answering almost all of the following questions… What’s the...

lion camouflaged in the wild

What is guerrilla testing and how do I use it?

A UX beginner’s guide to the what, why and how of guerrilla testing. The pros, the cons and how to...

brutalist architecture in Japan

17 brutalist websites for your brief, pitiless attention Functional. Minimal. Single purpose - even if that purpose is stupid. Let’s explore the Marmite of web design.

As part of our recent piece on UI design trends, we mentioned brutalist UI as being at the extreme end...

arrow with red lights on a wall, pointing around the corner

A brief guide to UX niches and specialities

Oh you’re into that too? Interesting… If you come with me, I know a place where we can go where...

four dogs on leashes in a park

What are ‘leading questions’ in UX tests and how can you avoid them?

A guide to leading questions, with advice on how you can be mindful of your phrasing and avoid wording pitfalls...

trees in the snow

What is tree testing and why is it important for your site’s UX?

Here at WhatUsersDo we’re all about bringing the maximum amount of learning to people at any stage of their UX...

lots of open books

The UX reading list: 22 ‘must-read’ books and resources for beginners and experts What books, articles, podcasts and other online resources should you read in order to develop and hone your UX knowledge? Here are the experts with their favourites

In this week’s #UXchat we pull the plastic sheet off our fondest wing-back armchair (which we haven’t been allowed to...

jellyfish floating in the sea

20 questions and instructions to avoid when running a UX test

Who loves telling people what to do? Dictators and lazy people. Mainly. Now I know you’re probably not a dictator...

come in we're open sign

Improving gender diversity in the UX industry In this week's #UXchat we discuss gender representation in UX and what can be done to improve diversity

I’m a firm believer that the user experience thinking can be used to improve every aspect of your life and...