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Be Good To Your Users
Fashion show models on catwalk

Check out the WhatUsersDo platform’s Autumn/Winter 2017 look We (cat)walk you through the latest updates to the WhatUsersDo platform UI

Late summer (or early autumn, depending on whether you’re a glass half empty or half full kind of a person),...

pride and prejudice first lines

How to avoid bias in user testing

Before we get into the whole ‘bias’ thing, let’s just try and figure out the difference between fact, opinion and...

tiny yellow ambulance toy

What are the UX implications of on-demand healthcare?

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing on-demand healthcare. What are the implications of of having real-time data on your health,...

building a paper prototype

What is UX prototyping and why should you test at this stage? Exploring the basics of creating and testing prototypes

The best user experiences don’t happen by luck. UX designers and researchers follow an iterative process – testing pieces and...

spam museum

Why you should test your newsletter sign-up forms

Email rules. In digital marketing we’ve gone through the long-drawn out cycle of everyone thinking email marketing is terrific, to...

Samuel Johnson painting by Joshua Reynolds

A user friendly dictionary of UX terms, phrases and abbreviations

In the week that Samuel Johnson, the 18th century lexicographer who wrote the English language’s most comprehensive dictionary, celebrates his...

mobilize rescue systems ui

How good UX can save lives A look at how UX design impacts healthcare, automotive interfaces and emergency response technology

What do you think about when you hear the term ‘user experience’? UX often brings to mind the delight we...

woman laughs with clown, who is holding a balloon animal

How to design the same product for two different personas

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing a common concern of many businesses: how do you develop the same product for...

trees in a forest with painted question marks

Highlights from our AMA with Peter Hornsby, UX manager and columnist at UX Matters

Last week on our UX community Slack channel, we hosted a live AMA session with Peter Hornsby, UX Manager at Distribution...

modus operandi template

Is simplicity the best way to ensure usability? If we strip everything down to the bare essentials, what do we lose in the process?

It can often seem like there’s a straight line between simplicity and usability. Improving usability and user experience involves working...