The user experience of online advertising [WhatMarketersDo Podcast] With Sally Graham, WhatUsersDo Head of UX Research

Host: Timi “Big Papa Timi” Olotu (Content)
Guest: Sally “Lightsaber Style” Graham (Head of UX Research)
Co-host: Chris “Hotlon Bling” Holton (Growth Marketing)
Facilitator: OJ “Reverse Jo” Quevedo (Social Media)

You’ve seen them… following you around. Silently blinking while you talk to friends on Facebook. You just can’t get away from them – online ads.

The world of online advertising has become so seedy, so filled with dark patterns… so user unfriendly that even the FBI has gotten involved.

What’s happened to the “hyper-targeted” revolution that was supposed to kill TV advertising? Maybe it’s suffering from a lack of attention to user experience.

Sally talks to us about the current online advertising user experience – why it’s broken and how it can be fixed.

We also chat about common challenges to testing and improving the UX of online ads, and (potential) fundamental flaws in the online advertising model itself.

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Timi is a London-based copywriter and full-time marketing sceptic – there are now more unvalidated opinions out there than ever. He became a UX testing enthusiast after seeing its power while working at TUI – the world’s largest travel, leisure and tourism company. He then joined WhatUsersDo to sharpen his UX knowledge and work side-by-side with the field’s best and brightest.

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