New feature: video clipping

In our ongoing efforts to make it easy to work with the videos from we’ve released a new beta feature that we’re really excited about.

The new “clipping” feature makes it really easy to create clips for downloading so you can use them offline.

Here’s how to do it:

1. While watching a video click “Show Menu” to reveal the tagging interface

2. Insert a tag at the relevant time point and type in a duration

3. Once you’ve finished adding tags you’ll see a link in the results page to “Download clip” – press this and in a few seconds your clip will be ready to download (in MP4 format).

We’d love your feedback on this beta feature.

One more thing (in case you missed it). When you create tags within videos you can optionally assign a type to them, so it’s easy to prioritise issues.

Here are the tag types you can choose from:

– Problem (high, medium or low)
– Quotation (where the user has said something really interesting)
– Positive feedback (where the User Experience was great)

We’ve plenty more enhancements planned, when you’ve a moment please let us know what you would like to see.

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  • Sounds like a good feature, but there is no video or place to see how the clipping tool works. Ironic usability oversight from a usability blog.

  • Thanks for pointing that out Mike.

    We will be improving the information we provide about our service/tools.

    Lee (Founder, WhatUsersDo)

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