Managing the First-Time-User Experience

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– Use technology solutions to ease the way for reluctant users.


Technology may be undergoing constant changes, but your users are not. Far from it. In fact, quite a few users respond reluctantly to the need to learn yet another piece of software. It is easy to dismiss end-user adoption difficulties as technophobia, but to manage these issues effectively, there must be a better segmentation of the factors that determine a successful implementation. The main setbacks can be broken down into three subgroups. These solutions address the challenges from a comprehensive perspective, taking the human factor into account, as well as technology and process and data sharing.

The Three Biggest Challenges

Confusion about the process. The fact that the CRM system is a technological application of the organizational work flows and processes is not trivial. Many users may be baffled by the “flattening” of their work routine. Another problem that may come up is the system’s inability to contain exceptions (even if only temporarily). This may lead to skepticism (“How reliable is this software if it can’t reflect reality precisely?”)

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  • Noa,

    Thanks for your great post.

    In addition to the factors you’ve mentioned, companies have to measure, understand and improve the first time user experience (FTUE) within their mobile app or on their website. The best way to do it is using analytics platforms for tracking mobile apps and websites, which help companies better understand users’ actions using user recordings, heatmaps and in-app/webiste analytics reports. Obviously, the ability to watch every action their users do will enable them be to detect problems the users sre experiencing and optimze the FTUE accordingly.


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