Enhancements on WhatUsersDo

We’ve just (31st August 2011) pushed some enhancements live that will make it even easier to setup online usability tests using WhatUsersDo. Here’s a quick summary:

1. Even more task templates

We just ran some usability tests on the order form (yes, a taste of our own medicine) and found that setting tasks was too hard for all but the most experienced users. So we have added in over 30 task templates that you can easily choose from and edit to get you started.

2. A choice of exit questions

We don’t believe in long exit surveys. Years of running usability tests shows that what people say afterwards can not be relied upon, is often inaccurate and subject to post-rationalisation. It’s about what users do (not what they think they did) after all!

BUT, asking a single question does have its merits – especially if it relates to perception rather than the specific interaction. You can now ask users a single (and simple) post test question that they type their answer to. By default we use a favourite of our friends at Conversion Factory:

“If there’s one thing that would have stopped you buying from us, what would it be?”

Of course, you can edit this question or even revert to the Website Usability Scale (a favourite of some of our corporate clients). And, if you’re a usability purist, you don’t need to ask a question at all!

3. Bigger Usability Videos

When you play videos they now size to your browser screen. This is one of those… “I can’t believe we didn’t do this before” enhancements. We hope it helps.

Please contact us or leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  • Hi Lee,

    Great to see you’ve introduced an exit question option to the tests. I certainly think there are several scenarios where it us useful to ask questions.

    For example, a client I worked with recently wanted feedback on a potential large feature development.

    Asking 10 participants who had just bene using the site was a perfect opportunity, and we got some useful feedback.

    The more questions the better I say (up to 4/5 limit of course!).


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