What can Customer Experience learn from UX?

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During the Customer Experience Jumpstart event WhatUsersDo Founder, Lee Duddell, outlined the challenges that CEM Executives face and three ways to overcome them.

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Revealing Real Customer Experiences

Lee argued the three key Digital challenges facing Customer Experience Executives in 2014 are:

  • There’s too much focus on Data and Analytics
  • Customer Stories need to be more compelling
  • Most Customer Experience (or CEM) Executives are from a Marketing background and tend not to possess the skills to create great digital experiences

Borrowing from the Best Practice he’s observed at many of WhatUsersDo’s clients, Lee suggested three ways to face these challenges head on:

  • Observing users’ “in-the-moment” digital experiences and hearing their spoken thoughts is the most effective way to get behind the data and understand the WHY of their behaviour
  • Video based customer story telling is highly effective at building empathy across disciplines – especially when it comes to describing the detail of user interaction (there are some example videos in the presentation below)
  • Research techniques that may have worked in Marketing or Customer Service (such as Focus Groups and Surveys) are not applicable when investigating digital experiences. Instead, focus on observing users “in the moment” as they interact with digital properties.

The Slides are available below – including video clips of real users’ digital experiences from the WhatUsersDo Insight Platform.

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