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What UXers are looking forward to in UI [a #uxchat roundup] UI Design trends for 2017

Last week on #uxchat, we talked about what we think would be the biggest UI Design trends for 2017. We believe discussing trends have a purpose although it doesn't fundamentally change what makes design good. Ultimately, good design is not just about looking at trends but solving user problems.

ethics and user experience

Ethics & UX: Are we responsible for what we design? [a #uxchat roundup] Ethical UX & Design [a #uxchat roundup] with Per Axbom

Last week on #uxchat, we delved into the ethics of designing experiences. UX professionals and Designers do have the power to influence people's behaviour and ultimately, their actions. But who should be responsible for what they design? Where do we draw the line between what’s ethical and what’s not?

UX soft skills

What soft skills does a UX professional need? [a #uxchat roundup] Soft skills for UX professionals

Last week on #uxchat, we took a closer look at the soft skills necessary for UX professionals to excel in non-UX environments. UX doesn't live in a vacuum in a galaxy far, far away... so being proficient in the soft skills can truly help us better champion the cause for UX within our organisations.

When should we redesign a site from scratch vs when should we evolve it? [a #uxchat roundup] Evolution or Revolution? [a #uxchat roundup] with Adam Babajee-Pycroft

Last week on #uxchat, we decided to tackle the somewhat sensitive topic of website redesign. To redesign or not to redesign?

Combining UX CRO

How do UX & conversion rate optimisation fit together? [#uxchat roundup]

The very premise of our last #uxchat baffled Jackie (a regular), at first. You’re not alone, Jackie, that’s why we...

Explaining design to non-designers

How to explain design to non-designers [#uxchat roundup]

Explaining the concept of design to non-converts is rarely as straightforward as we imagine. Especially if said non-converts already carry...

UX career advice

10 best pieces of UX career advice offered by pros [#uxchat roundup]

UX careers don’t benefit from a curse/blessing enjoyed by many other vocations – the “this is how it’s done” convention....


UX professionals weigh in on VR, AR & MR [#uxchat roundup]

If we’re going to tamper with our reality, there’s one group of people that should have some involvement – user...

user research methods

How to select user research methods [#uxchat roundup]

Pick a card… any card. No, this isn’t a card sorting exercise, you UX junkie. But speaking of UX, card...

cross cultural user experience

Cross-Cultural User Experience [#UXChat Roundup]

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison,” they say. This saying is especially true once we enter the fields of...