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Looking to embark on a career in UX? Here’s in-depth advice from UX designers and professionals for every stage in your user experience career. Our most popular posts include how to break into UX, 10 pieces of excellent UX career advice and a look at confusing UX roles and job titles.

A directory of UX/UI design Slack groups

A directory of UX/UI design Slack groups

Hi reader, I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and predict that there are two things you...

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Highlights from our AMA with Hugo Froes, UX designer and co-creator of UX Discuss

Last week on our UX community Slack channel, we hosted a live AMA with Hugo Froes, UX designer/strategist and UX evangelist....

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How to build a UX portfolio

UX Portfolios: the new bane of any UX designer’s life. A showcase of not just the work you’ve done, but...

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A brief survival guide to being a ‘UX team of one’

In this week’s #UXchat, we’re discussing the life of the lonesome UXer. While everyone else in your organisation is happily...

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The UX reading list: 22 ‘must-read’ books and resources for beginners and experts What books, articles, podcasts and other online resources should you read in order to develop and hone your UX knowledge? Here are the experts with their favourites

In this week’s #UXchat we pull the plastic sheet off our fondest wing-back armchair (which we haven’t been allowed to...

Four psychology principles every UX designer should know

There’s a darn good reason that there are so many PSYCHOLOGY+UX articles floating around. User experience design has its conceptual...

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UX Disciplines: Should UXers be expected to perform research and design (or even code?) [a #uxchat roundup] Should UXers broaden their skill sets or specialise? [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed UX disciplines. Many good points were raised, mulled over, and then picked apart, particularly with the question about whether UXers should be expected to perform both research and design (and code, even.) Here are the talking points:

Paths to UX careers

Paths to UX Careers [a #uxchat roundup] Paths to UX Careers [a #uxchat roundup] with Sherryl Tarnaske

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed the paths to UX careers. Often, UX practitioners begin their journeys in completely different...

Breaking into UX

How to break into UX (and be successful once you have) An interview with Elizabeth Chesters and Omar Akhtar

Right now, it feels like a lot of people are trying to kickstart their career in UX—whether that means starting out from scratch,...

Getting into a career in UX

Getting into UX [a #uxchat roundup] How to transition into a career in UX [a #uxchat roundup]

Last week on #uxchat, we discussed how to get into UX. How did these UX professionals transition into a UX...