The free user testing tool to rule them all – now with new features 91.2% of those who signed up have been so happy they’ve stayed


The best way to improve your website, marketing assets or design is by watching how people use these things – you’ll see exactly what needs fixing and how to fix it

We call this user experience (UX) or user testing and our software lets you do it remotely and effectively. As well as our paid subscription plans, new subscribers have access to a free trial.

You’ve probably seen websites offering a lifetime of free user testing… but they all severely limit the features available to you. With WhatUsersDo, you’ll get a full bag of features with your free trial. 

That’s why, as I write this, only 8.8% of people who subscribed to our service chose to cancel – meaning 91.2% are so happy, they don’t want to leave. That’s a lot of happiness for any Software as a Service (SaaS) business.

Free user testing satisfaction

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What do you get with free user testing via WhatUsersDo?

  • 3 videos (1 per user) showing how people use your website. You’ll see how they behave and hear their spoken thoughts.
  • Choose from within Europe’s largest tester panel – 30,000+ people ranging from millennial musicians to university professors.
  • Test with people in any of our 5 core countries – UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands and France.
  • Get ultra-specific by filtering testers based on age, gender and socio-economic status.
  • A free 7-day course to help you unlock game-changing insights from your remote user tests.
  • Insert tags, which are like bookmarks for videos, so you can easily cut out moments of key insights from your videos and share with colleagues.
  • Start receiving videos within hours (rather than days) of launching your tests.

New onboarding feature on the WhatUsersDo platform

Once you’re in the WhatUsersDo platform, you’ll get a helping hand from Tom, our head of marketing.

Tom won’t be literally in the platform – but speech bubbles with his face in them will guide you through the dead-easy process of launching your free UX test. This is still in beta but we’ll update you once we have a final, fully functional version. 

Free 7-day (super-short, super-effective) course to help you get awesome results

You’ll also get a 7-day email course – crafted by the UX veterans at WhatUsersDo – which shows you how to get spectacular results at every stage of testing.

Each day, you’ll get a new part of the course covering:

  1. 10 expert tips for writing UX testing tasks
  2. How to analyse UX videos for maximum insight
  3. How to effect business change with your UX research
  4. UX testing your product across multiple devices
  5. 5 UX tests marketers need to try right now
  6. De-risking change – a Lost My Name case study
  7. The business case for UX testing

Get your free trial and start enjoying the commercial benefits of user testing

If you want the best possible results while running free user tests, you won’t get better than our extensive features and onboarding support.

That’s why in a LinkedIn article slating a competitor – whose name rhymes with “Schmoozer Nesting” – people could say only good things about WhatUsersDo:

WhatUsersDo review User testing review

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Timi is a London-based copywriter and full-time marketing sceptic – there are now more unvalidated opinions out there than ever.

He became a UX testing enthusiast after seeing its power while working at TUI – the world’s largest travel, leisure and tourism company. He then joined WhatUsersDo to sharpen his UX knowledge and work side-by-side with the field’s best and brightest.

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