Are UK retailers failing mobile customers?

I’ve picked out three highlights from the Mobile Usability Report that we recently co-published with Practicology. The Report has insight from over 120 mobile usability tests covering 15 of the UK’s leading retail sites.

As you read the three highlights have a think about what they really mean for those of us that care about improving User Experience:

  • Are retailers really failing their mobile users? Or, given that websites are never finished, will these issues be incrementally fixed?
  • How come, given the vast resources at their disposal, these retailers have missed so many “conversion killers”?
  • Does it really matter? With mobile sales increasing, do we simply have to wait for them to plateau before Experience improvement becomes front of mind?

Here are the three highlights…

1 Search is important, so make it easy to identify

We learned a lot about what users expect from search on retailers’ mobile sites – from a desire for type-ahead text to an expectation that search should not be limited only to products.

Most dramatically we found finding and identifying search was a major struggle on some sites – see the video clip below from TopMan.

Video Thumbnail

Smartphone UX fail at TopMan

2 Add to basket UX problems

There were a surprising number of issues on many sites when it came to the rather crucial “Add to basket (or bag)” interaction. The clip below highlights a particularly confusing experience on FatFace (the user is forced to choose a colour swatch even when there is only one colour).

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3 Product Image Zooming

One issue that really annoyed users, and we believe is a major conversion issue on mobile devices was a lack of support for image zooming. Watch the clip below to hear one of our more polite participants struggle to zoom.

Video Thumbnail

SmartPhone User Experience

Download the Full Report for Free

There are more insights, covering everything from Home Page first impressions to navigation to store location functionality  in the full report. Together with 12 recommendations on how to avoid many of the UX pitfalls we uncovered.

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