5 things multi-channel retailers can learn from Schuh

Schuh's Deputy Head of E-commerce shared some of the secrets of their multi-channel success
in a recent Webinar. In this article we share five key learnings for anyone interested in
CRO, Digital Marketing or UX Best Practice.

stuart mcmillanSchuh are a leading UK multi-channel retailer – operating 114 stores and often heralded as a leading example of digital best practice. In a recent Webinar we interviewed Schuh’s Deputy Head of E-commerce, Stuart McMillan to understand how they continue to outperform many other retailers.

Here are five of the many learnings Stuart shared, instantly access the Webinar recording for even more.

1 Don’t ask your customers what they want!

Stuart explained how Schuh drive innovation and improvements from analytics, split tests and UX testing to determine user needs. He does not believe in Surveys (or asking people what they want) – preferring to make decisions on insight from behavioural data.

2 In-store emailed receipts offer great cross-channel potential

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 16.42.00Schuh have not jumped on the “Personalisation Bandwagon”. They favour innovation such as emailing receipts to in-store shoppers to create new cross-channel digital marketing opportunities. This initiative is not only good for the business, but also “adds value” to customers in the form of a more convenient record of their purchase.

The idea of “adding value” to customers came up repeatedly during the interview – clearly an important part of the DNA at Schuh.

3 Optimising page speed is important to conversions

Stuart’s team have worked hard to improve site speed and have found that fast load times engender trust with visitors – giving the instant impression that the Schuh site will be easy to use (because it’s fast to load). The focus is now on improving speed for mobile first (48% of traffic) and mining data to measure the correlation between speed and conversions.

Webinar Sneak Preview: Listen to Stuart discussing site speed…

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Webinar teaser: How Site Performance Impacts Conversions

4 Use Paid Search for market research, as well as acquisition

SearchingWhen asked for three tips for new e-commerce teams, Stuart placed paid search at the top of the list. Not simply because, if managed carefully, it can generate revenue on even limited budget, but in itself it is a source of insight into the market and customers’ needs.

5 User Experience is Customer Service

User Experience can be quite difficult for Senior Managers to grasp, so it was interesting to hear from Stuart that it’s regarded as part of Customer Service (a widely understood concept) at Schuh. And while some purists may argue that does not do full justice to UX, it does at least make Stuart’s life easier especially when it comes to justifying incremental improvements.


Lee Duddell

Lee Duddell is the founder of WhatUsersDo.

During 20+ years of working in digital, Lee became increasingly frustrated with the amateurish way that companies were making important design decisions. Personal opinions, hunches and incomplete data were driving experience design. And not user insight.

Lee started WhatUsersDo to fix this by making user research and UX Testing business as usual.

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