3 Ways Marketers Improve Acquisition and Retention with UX Insight

Many Marketers now rely on User Experience Insight to better understand customer behaviour.
The three How To's in this article explain how this insight helps them improve digital
acquisition metrics, optimise campaigns and increase retention.

Marketing_budgets_2015With 77% of businesses planning to increase spend on Digital Marketing in 2015 it is no surprise that Marketing Professionals are increasingly relying on UX Insight to improve performance and ROI across their digital channels. By observing customers’ actual digital experiences they are replacing “gut-instinct” to second guess customer behaviour with insight to drive increases to acquisition and retention rates.

The Marketing Director at a large consumer brand recently described it as ”a secret weapon that lets me see the online world like a customer – nothing else gives me that perspective”. It is this perspective that helps her, and many like her, improve through understanding:

  • how people actually research and shop online and the reasons behind their buying choices
  • how target customers react in the moment to PPC and SERPs and why they select one over another
  • how well landing pages benchmark versus the competition and if they meet expectations
  • what target customers actually think of email, social and video campaigns
  • factors affecting customer churn by segment.

Outlined below are three How To’s based on the most popular research commissioned by Marketers at leading brands like British Gas, Sky, Tesco and Virgin Atlantic.

1. How To Understand The End-To-End Customer Journey and Boost Acquisition

How Users SearchWith Econsultancy reporting that “Companies are more committed than ever to their digital marketing activities, with a growing appetite for paid-for advertising, earned media and investment in their own web properties.” it is no surprise that Marketers are seeking new ways to better understand their customers’ end-to-end digital journeys.

By observing users early in their online journey – such as starting at a search engine – Marketers can understand the reasons why many don’t reach their site and why some of those that do buy from competitors so they can better focus their acquisition spend.

How we do it: Starting with an empty browser, profiled customers are tasked with researching and then choosing a product or service online using as many and any sites as they like. Usually run with a minimum of 50 users per device (Desktop, Tablet & SmartPhone) these tests reveal:

  • which destination sites and brands are front of mind
  • real world search terms
  • which PPC snippets and SEO language are the most compelling, and why
  • why people choose to buy from one brand over another
  • how your site benchmarks, through customers’ eyes, against competitors.

Download an example How Users Search for Home Insurance Report.

2. How To Optimise Digital Campaigns

mailchimpBy gathering UX Insight on different design and copy treatments Marketers can develop stronger digital campaigns that resonate with target market customers. The earlier in the design process this is done the better, to reduce both the cost of making changes and the risk of a poorly performing launch.


How we do it: Insight is gathered from profiled target market participants who give their instant, honest feedback on any digital marketing material, even at concept stage, including:

  • email subject lines, copy and design treatment
  • social media initiatives
  • the full user journey from campaign material to landing page to checkout
  • media content including videos and podcasts.

Read a Case Study on how Shearings’ Head of Marketing trebled Customer Acquisition or learn How To Improve A/B Testing with UX Insight.

3. How To Maximise Retention

rsz_shutterstock_99556250With the ROI of marketing to existing online customers far outstripping the return on acquiring new ones Marketers are seeking to understand, rather than guess at, the reasons behind customer churn so they can take action to reduce it.



How we do it: Retention research is typically run with a “Private Panel” where Marketers invite different segments of their own customer base to participate. Insight from existing customers is used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a brand’s digital experience post acquisition including:

  • how well the brand promise matches real users’ digital experiences
  • the effectiveness of ongoing marketing comms
  • reasons for and against recommending in-person or on social media
  • natural behaviour of customers in account areas or on an upgrade/resell path
  • service/product or digital pain points that are likely to lead to churn.

Read how Virgin Atlantic are putting feedback from customers at the heart of their digital service transformation.

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