12 UX Sins to Avoid

Peter Szabo

In his talk at London’s Agile UX Meetup, Peter W. Szabo covered 12 UX Sins that must be avoided. Drawing on his seven years experience of working in UX at brands, agencies and at WhatUsersDo Peter argued that these Sins are the biggest barrier to creating delightful, or even functional experiences.


Peter’s 12 Deadly UX Sins:

1. Not doing user research

2. Conducting pointless research

3. Not continuing research after release

4. An abundance of features

5. Trying to create the final design at first try

6. Neglecting mobile

7. Thinking Responsive Web Design is a panacea

8. Ignoring people with disabilities

9. Using too many words to describe something that should be shorter (just like this sentence)

10. Wasting money on buzzword experts

11. Over-promising

12. Being afraid of new things

View the deck and listen to snippets from the talk and leave your own UX Sins in the comments below:


There was a live drawing of his talk by Aurora Suriel, here’s some of what she produced:

IMAG0143 IMAG0142




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