10 (mostly) UX Predictions for 2014

Lee Duddell, oIMG_1182ur Founder and Head of UX, shares his Predictions for 2014. And next year we’ll score him on how many came true!

Which ones do you agree with and which are nonsense?

1. The “Big Data” term is ditched for a new one: “Big Insight”

… that merges Quant with Qual to provide a rich what and why of customer behaviour.

2. The strategic-mantra of building a “Consistent Multi-Channel Experience” is dropped

… in favour of delivering task-focussed efficiency on different devices.

3. A major e-Retailer creates a public API to their data and store

… allowing third parties to develop light-weight contextual experiences for consumers using their product, recommendations and content.

4. Yahoo is acquired by Microsoft

… maybe. Maybe not. But rumours drive up both share prices.

5. Mobile Apps start dying a slow death

…and become the mainstay of high res gaming experiences/home hobbyists. And large brands with marketing budgets.

6. The EU passes Personal Data legislation

…meaning users own their data, wherever it is, and can sell it.

7. Some things get a little easier to do online, but really they should be a lot easier by now

… like payment, comparing broadband packages or looking for inspiration for a gift/holiday/most other things.

8. Designers who pre-fixed their job titles with “UX” in 2012/2013 drop the “U”

… just because their counterparts are and become Experience Designers.

9. Facebook will launch a search engine that ranks results based upon your network

…most people will continue to use Google.

10. And most importantly, mature UX organisations will set themselves User Exposure targets

… recognising it’s a fast track to building great designs and start addressing points 1, 2, and 7 above.

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2 Responses to “10 (mostly) UX Predictions for 2014

  • 1. I think this is more likely to become simply ‘Data’. Lots of big data people seem to be focussed on qual as it is?
    2. Very sensible!
    3. Tesco did this 3 or 4 years ago I think!
    4. I don’t think this will happen, but I’ll be interested to see if Yahoo’s CEO lasts the year.
    5. I think this may happen for SME retail & small publishers, but not for other stuff I think apps will continue.
    6. I think they’re too slow for this! (at least the ‘sell’ bit)
    7. Agreed. The new PayPal payment stuff looks good.
    8. I can see this – I keep getting invites to events for ‘XDs’.
    9. Google does this for me right now.
    10. I like this – similar to walking the shop floor & spending time actually understanding your analytics data & talking to the call centre, etc. There’s no real downside. It just needs a better name & a simple process to follow. If only someone could come up with a business based around it 😉

  • Thanks Dan…

    1. mmmm, not the ones I’ve met. Maybe I’m mixing with the wrong Data crowd.

    3. You are right, but I think it then got withdrawn.
    Maybe as things (like Fridges and cupboards) become connected and programmable they’ll reconsider e.g.
    Your Fridge: “Hi Dan, this is your Hotpoint Fridge – you’re running low on Tesco Milk, shall I add 2 pints to your weekly shop?”

    6. Sure, it may be 2015.

    10. Yep, GDS recently set their teams User Exposure targets: https://gdsdata.blog.gov.uk/2014/01/22/building-a-gds-user-research-lab/

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